Yes,  it’s personal.  Let me explain what I mean by that.  So often I see people struggling to manage their time, so they’re working harder, not smarter and of course,  aren’t as productive as they would like to be.  One of the reasons they struggle is because they are attempting to use a time management tool that doesn’t fit what I call their time management personality.  The tool that’s not in line with their preferences and the things they are naturally inclined to do, so it doesn’t effectively support them.

A number of years ago a colleague purchased a new Palm Pilot.  It was their latest and greatest model, but she absolutely hated it.  When I looked at her time management personality it was clear to me why she hated her brand new toy.  It was a great tool, but not the right fit for her.  Once she went back to her  original tool, life was good!

When we choose tools to support us, it’s important that they are tools that line up with who we are in that respect.  They fit how we work and think.  If you’re struggling with managing your time effectively, part of the challenge may be the tool you’re using.

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