Typically with Spring comes the traditional “Spring cleaning” which usually means cleaning the house from top to bottom.  Truthfully, it has to encompass more than the usual cleaning.  With things they way they are now-a-days, most of us aren’t getting in even the traditional Spring cleaning, but we have to do that and more.  These are my Top 10 tips for Spring organizing:

  • Clean and organize every season or at least twice each year
  • Don’t just clean, but declutter!
  • When you declutter your physical space, think about doing the same with your physical body.  The two are related
  • Clear your mental clutter and remember that when you have clutter in your space, it impacts you on a mental level
  • Get rid of the emotional clutter-toxic people; you know, the ones with the drama, vampires, users, and pessimists
  • Consider that when there is clutter in your space, the energy is different.  When the space is free and clear of clutter the energy shifts.  Get rid of old things associated with negative experiences or emotions.  The energy from them slows down progress and makes the energy in the space heavy.
  • Organize your space after you declutter.  Make a space for everything and put everything in its space
  • Create systems and processes to support you
  • Create and incorporate new habits
  • Triage your time.  Discover your time management personality, choose a tool that fits that personality and create a system for managing your time and stop multitasking!

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