There’s one more way to use procrastination as a stepping stone.  We can do nothing.  Yes, I said do nothing.  Our tendency is to push ourselves and to push hard.  We don’t slow down, so there’s no down time.  We need to be clear about what we want to accomplish and the strategy for doing so.  To keep that clarity, we have to have down time.  It could be a few minutes at a time, a few hours or you might need a weekend.  Whatever the length of time, take it, and then go back to the task at hand.  There has to be balance.  This is definitely something that we are not used to doing, but something that is necessary for us to do to aid us in our productivity.

Remember, in these instances, you are making a conscious choice to put something off in order to positively impact your productivity.  This is distinct from procrastinating in a destructive manner.  Be careful and be clear about what you are doing and why and this will keep you on track with your goals.

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