Are you a Mom and a business owner?  If so, chances are that you either have or are struggling with balancing your business and your role as Mom.   A while ago, I became acquainted with Gretchen Pritts of Prospering Moms.  Gretchen helps Mom business owners play by their own rules, while prospering at home and in business!

If you’re a Mom business owner and you’re:

  • Exhausted and out of energy by the end of the day
  • Frustrated because you are working harder than you wanted
  • Overwhelmed with the stress of running a business and raising a family
  • Burdened by the constant guilt of how you spend your time…

…but you’re committed to having a successful business, but don’t want to sacrifice your family while doing it, then I suggest you check Gretchen out and learn more about what she does and how she helps Mompreneurs who are challenged.  She can help you reach that sweet spot in your desire for balancing your business and your family.

Additionally, you can learn more about some of the Moms in her network if you check out the Prospering Moms blog where she highlights a different Mom each week.  This week, yours truly was highlighted.  Here’s the link if you’re interested