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You have a mountain of things to do and you probably feel as though you don’t have enough time to get it all done.  The truth of the matter is that you have all the time that you need, and, you’re not going to get any more.

Given that reality, you have to make the shift and change your behaviors. One of the things that you can put into play to help you with getting everything done is to priorities your to-do items.  I always recommend the ABC method for prioritizing.

Priority A=something that must be done and will have great negative consequences if not completed.

Priority B=something that is important, but of course, not as important as an “A” priority.  If these things don’t get done, the consequences aren’t as great.

Priority C=Something that would be nice to do, but isn’t necessary and won’t cause a problem if it’s not done.

Priority D=DELEGATE!! Yes, I know how difficult you might find this to be, and you might say that by the time you show someone how to do the task, you could have done it yourself. Quite the opposite…when you delegate you’re getting back some of your time. It’s an investment. Just do it!

Priority E=ELIMINATE! That’s right. Eliminate it. Get rid of it. Take it off of your to-do list. It’s not important enough to belong there. Your focus belongs on the important stuff. Period!

Looking at the things that you’ve got to get done, determine which priority each one should have and assign them.  Ideally, when you create goals you should prioritize them, and let those priorities filter down to your daily to-do items.

When Spring rolls around, most people think and talk about “Spring cleaning” which for a lot of people means cleaning from top to bottom.  You know how it is, you clean all of those things that you wouldn’t clean during your regular weekly cleaning routine.

Spring cleaning is a beautiful thing and paves the way into the season, but when you really think about it , it s down to more than just cleaning.  If you really want to pave the way into the season, you have to purge and establish or refine systems that you already have in place.   Over the course of a year our homes and office spaces can accumulate quite a bit of things and it’s important that we weed those things out on a regular basis so that we only end up with things that we like and things that serve a purpose, which is important when you consider that clutter changes the energy in a space, not to mention physically blocks space.  When the space is free and clear of clutter the energy shifts.

As you declutter your space, sort things into separate boxes: give away, sell, throw away and be sure to get rid of old things associated with negative experiences or emotions.  The energy from them slows down progress and makes the energy in the space heavy, which really doesn’t work especially if you leave it in a work space.  Once you’ve decluttered, be sure that everything has a designated space.  Additionally, be sure that you have a system in place that will keep your environment clutter free and create new habits that will support you.  Additionally, look at your calendar and to-do list.  Clutter can accumulate there as well, it just happens to be in the form of unnecessary appointments and tasks.  When you finish decluttering your space, get rid of the unnecessary things on your calendar and to-do list as well.  Doing so will help you spring forward into the season.

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