To get any job done, you have to have the right tools.  Without them, there will be things that are incomplete or that can’t really happen because of the absence of the right tools.

Today’s society moves at the speed of sound.  We have more information coming at us than ever before and many more demands for our time.  Business owners and employees are wearing multiple hats, within and outside of the business, so effective time management is increasingly at the heart of personal and business culture and is vital to your success.  You cannot afford to have your day control you; you have to control your day.  This means having the right tools  to support you.

What tools do you have that assist you in managing your time effectively?  Do you have the right tool, and if so, are you using it? What other things do you have in place? Do you have a system to support your time management tool?  Below are the right tools for your time management tool box:

  • The right time management tool; one that matches your time management personality
  • A master task list that includes everything that you want, have and dream of doing
  • Daily to-do lists to house the smaller tasks associated with your goals and items on your master task list
  • Supportive habits: planning, prioritizing, goal setting (with a written plan),  and saying “no”.

If these items aren’t in your tool box, consider what adding them can do for you.  If you have a tool for managing your time and it’s not working, it might be because you don’t have a tool that fits.  Find out what type of tool fits your time management personality, add that to your tool box along with the other necessary tools to get the job done.

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