Whether you’re organizing your calendar or your space it has to be done from a personal perspective.  If you’re looking to organize your time, start by getting your hands on a tool that fits your time management personality.  If it doesn’t fit, it’s not the tool for you and it’s not going to support you in managing your time.  If you don’t know what type of tool fits your personality, take the steps to discover your time management personality, choose a tool that fits and set up a system for managing your time around that tool.  If you’re not sure where to start, click here.

Part of the system that you set up around managing your time should include habits that support you such as delegating tasks that aren’t necessary for your to do yourself, putting tasks that take longer than 15 minutes into your calendar with an assigned block of time, and planning.

When it comes to organizing your space, start with knowing what you want the outcome to be and why you’re getting organized.  Start with the space that bothers you the most or that’s causing you the greatest amount of grief.  If it’s a room that needs quite a bit of work, start in one corner or at another point in the room.  Continue to work with that space until it’s done.  As you go through the things present, toss what’s not relevant, the things that you can get again or no longer need.  Organize what’s left.  Before you do, think about how you want to store it.  What makes sense based upon your personality and how you work.  Again, organizing your space is personal.  Continue with the room until every area is done.  Choose the next space that you’re going to tackle and take it on.  Stick to it, space by space until your project is complete.