One of the biggest time wasters for people is technology.  As much as things are created to help us, technology is a big hindrance for many people and can lead to a great amount of your time being wasted.  Using technology in a way that supports you can increase your productivity.  The day-to-day things that end up on your list can get out of control, so it’s important to keep it lean.

Whether you find technology cumbersome or not, one thing that most people have to deal with no matter what they do is email.  We use email for everything now, which cuts down the time it takes to receive things we need and helps keep things moving.  Right now, chances are that your email is overloaded and you might even be wondering how you’re going to get to it all.

If your current email program isn’t helping you to control your email as you’d like, consider using SaneBox.  SaneBox separates your most important emails from the ones that can wait, helping you prioritize the way you read your messages and saving you time and frustration.  Now, this isn’t another email program, it’s an application that works with your current email program, so there’s nothing new to learn.

SaneBox uses up to 5 levels of importance.  You can use those levels to fine tune the flow of your email or you can allow the application to do it for you.   SaneBox uses sophisticated algorithms to prioritize the email you receive. The important stuff goes straight to your inbox and everything else gets stored in other folders for later.  The calculation of importance is done by the algorithmic engine.  Only the engine looks at the headers of your emails and your social network connections, not people.  Their engineers work on the algorithmic engine not the email.  Your email isn’t viewed or seen by the technology or a human being and the application uses encryption to protect your information.

Looking at testimonials on their website, SaneBox is said to have saved users about 2 hours every week.  What would it be like to have email under control once and for all?  Better yet, what would it be like to have 2 hours of your precious time back?  Visit the SaneBox website for more information.  If you have employees and you’re looking to free up hours for your employees, consider SaneBox for Business.

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