Continuing with this series, there are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections between you and your environment.  Here, I’m going to address the mental connections to your environment.  When we look beyond the physical clutter we can begin to see the connection.

Now let’s look at the mental perspective.  Clutter accumulates in physical spaces when mental clutter begins to accumulate.  The mental clutter is the result of stress, related emotions and minor or major shifts or changes in life.  When we’re cluttered mentally, we find it difficult to focus, we’re not clear, and can feel mentally weighed down and drained.  Our thought patterns represent what the physical environment looks like.  When you free yourself of the mental load; remove the blockage, you pave the way for clearing your space and become clear again mentally.  When your mind is clear, your environment is clear.  Likewise, when your environment is clear your mind is clear.

Before you get ready to roll your sleeves up and clear the clutter from your space, take a look at what lies beneath.  What’s going on with you mentally?  The mental clutter is what has the clutter present in your environment.  If you really want to get rid of the clutter once and for all, start with you.


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