I know that one of the biggest time wasters for people is technology.  As much as things are created to help us, technology is a big hindrance for many people and can lead to a great amount of your time being wasted.  Using technology in a way that supports you can increase your productivity.

The day-to-day things that end up on your list can get out of control, so it’s important to keep it lean.   If your time management personality is a fit for a digital tool, there are electronic applications that you might want to consider to help you increase your productivity. It seems that every five minutes there’s a new app, so there are plenty of them out there which makes it hard to choose or find one that works for you.

One time management app that has received rave reviews is the task management app Wunderlist.  Here are a few facts about it:


  • Wunderlist is produced by a Berlin based company and passed over a million downloads in March 2011, and is now available on almost every platform—Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac.
  • it’s separate from the pack with its design, simplicity, and effectiveness.  Simple enough to use without trying, quickly enter your tasks and powerful enough to support you.  It’s not complicated to use, captures what you need to do right away and keeps important things front and center.
  • There’s a balance between its functionality and its features.  It gives you the ability to sort tasks into multiple lists, set due dates and “Star” particular tasks

If this seems like it might be the app for you to help you manage your task list, click here to get all of the details.  As with any other tool, do your homework to be sure that it’s a fit for you and that it will actually help you and not waste your time.

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