This is the final post in this series.  To continue looking at your connections to clutter, let’s look at the spiritual connections that exist between you and your environment.  Everything is energy including the clutter in your space.  We know that like attracts like.  Clutter attracts more clutter.  The more clutter you have in a space, the heavier or more negative the energy, which impacts you.  This is the energy that will keep you from being productive in a number of ways.

That energy will blur your vision, keep you confused mentally and keep you from moving forward in life. Everyone has their own personal path; a reason why they are here on the planet, or life’s purpose and when there’s clutter we are detoured from that path because it becomes difficult to connect with our Higher Self or Higher Power.  When we hold on to things we stay connected to the past.  The things you hold onto hold the energy from past relationships or other situations, and you stay there in that space unable to connect on a spiritual level or to move forward on our path.

When you clear the clutter from your environment, you call back to yourself the parts of your spirit that have been attached to them and attached to the emotional needs and the memories associated with those things.  You bring yourself powerfully into present time.  Your energy, instead of being dispersed in multiple unproductive directions, becomes centered and focused.  You feel more spiritually complete and more at peace with yourself.

As you attempt to clear the clutter from your environment, take a look at the spiritual clutter in your life.  What things need to go so that you can clear the clutter?  If you really want to get rid of the clutter once and for all, start with you.

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