We all know that there are a ton of apps out there coming at us just like everything else in the world of technology and more are being created every day, which makes it hard to choose or find one that works for you.  It’s important to take a good look at what an app offers you before you add it to your phone or other technology.

One app that seems to have gotten rave reviews is 2 Do. 2Do is a feature rich to-do app that runs on both iPhone and iPad.  It had a great graphical interface and allows you to setup tasks in a simple yet powerful layout.  This app tends to stand out from the crowd with its fancy graphical user interface, and most find it esthetically pleasing.  This app has been called the most functional, which some say is especially true on the iPad in landscape mode.

2Do has plenty of features and can be as simple or as complex as you want.   You do not have use all the functionality, but it is there for power users.  You get to decide.

Here are a few of  the app’s key features:

  • Powerful “tabs” feature
  • Easily set up multiple lists or categories if you choose
  • “Today” and “Starred” tabs let you quickly see a unified list of what is most important
  • Quick entry mode, ability to “star” tasks quickly
  • Syncs to multiple devices

As with any application, be sure to review the features to see how they can serve you and if they’re a fit for your needs.

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