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So, we all know what procrastination is.   The word itself is of Latin origin from the word crastinus meaning “of tomorrow”.  Procrastinators are in favor of castinating, or putting off until tomorrow, believing that there is time to do particular things tomorrow, although there’s time to do it during the current day.  They typically look for distractions and follow that path to keep from doing what’s at hand.

How many times have you found yourself faced with a task to complete, the time and tools to do it, but instead you look for something else to do?  Some procrastinators tell themselves and others that they work better under pressure, so they wait until the last minute to get something done and often tell themselves that the task they are avoiding is not important so that they can try to escape the guilt that comes along with procrastination.  I’m sure that you may already be relating first hand to what I’m saying, and it’s perfectly all right.

Here’s a fun look at procrastinators:

The Procrastinator’s Creed

  • I believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.
  • I shall never move quickly, except to avoid more work or find excuses.
  • I will never rush into a job without a lifetime of consideration.
  • I firmly believe that tomorrow holds the possibility for new technologies, astounding discoveries, and a reprieve from my obligations.
  • I truly believe that all deadlines are unreasonable regardless of the amount of time given.
  • I shall never forget that the probability of a miracle, though infinitesimally small, is not exactly zero.
  • If at first I don’t succeed, there is always next year.
  • I shall always decide not to decide, unless of course I decide to change my mind.
  • I shall always begin, start, initiate, take the first step, and/or write the first word, when I get around to it.
  • I obey the law of inverse excuses which demands that the greater the task to be done, the more insignificant the work that must be done prior to beginning the greater task.
  • I know that the work cycle is not plan/start/finish, but is wait/plan/plan.
  • I will never put off tomorrow, what I can forget about forever.
  • I will become a member of the ancient Order of Two-Headed Turtles (The Procrastinator’s Society) if they ever get it organized.
  • I shall meet all of my deadlines directly in proportion to the amount of bodily injury I could expect from missing them.

~Author Unknown

Seriously though, we all procrastinate at some point in time on something and we’re all familiar with this scenario:  You put off doing something and probably have absolutely no idea of how long it takes to do the task you’re putting off.  You can end up living in chaos simply because you’re putting off something that will take you just a short time to do.  For some, procrastination can be chronic.  When we procrastinate constantly, we give up our power.  Getting rid of procrastination allows you to get your power back.  It’s easy to try what I call the “surface solutions”.  They work temporarily, but just when you think you’re headed in the right direction, you’re right back where you started from.

How would you like to have a program that gave you access to the means for getting rid of your procrastination?  A program that would have you work on multiple levels to leave behind this not so supportive habits?   A solution that will let you stop paying the ever-day cost of putting things off?  If so, then take advantage of my B’Day special and get my Procrastination Annihilation program that regularly goes for $197 for just $67 Just click this link and you’ll be on your way.



If you find it hard to keep up with the paper overload even with a streamlined filing system, you might want to consider filing your paper docs electronically.  Of course it’s easy to scan and and then save them, but if you really want to use a tool that will help you when it comes to your productivity, then consider Neat Desk.

Neat Desk is a high-speed, duplex desktop scanner and digital filing system. It allows you to scan receipts, business cards and documents as the software identifies, extracts and organizes key information that helps when it comes to retrieving your information.

Neat uses Intelligent Text Recognition technology to read and understand key information, then automatically organizes what it sees. Very cool, huh?!  The resulting digital files are useful and usable, not just easy to find and access.  They’re also easy to share.

You can scan in your receipts, business cards, or documents pretty quickly–24 pages per minute and you can scan up to 50 pages at once – single or double sided, color or B&W, single or multi-page. You pick.  Your receipts become digital records with vendors and amounts, business cards become digital contacts, and documents become fully keyword searchable.

With this great tool, you end up with information you can not only find, but that you can use.  Once you’ve scanned your documents, you can create tax or expense reports from your receipt data, or export to MS Excel, Quicken, or even TurboTax. You can also Sync your contacts with Outlook or Address Book. Find what you need with a keyword, and organize it however you like.

So, if you’re finding yourself challenged when it comes to the paper in your office, check out Neat Desk to see if it’s a fit for you.  Watch this quick video to get the big picture.


Can you believe that summer is over?  The kids are going back to school.  The flip flops and sunglasses are off and it’s time to get back to business, refocusing on your goals and desires.  Fall is the time to bring in your harvest.

If you have children who are going back to school, you prepared for that—shopping for supplies and clothes or packing the car to send them off to college.  You have to prepare yourself for getting back to business too.  During the summer it’s highly possible that you cut back so that you could enjoy yourself so your routines and systems got tossed to the side.  Now it’s time to pick it all back up and get the ball rolling again.

It can be hard to regroup after all of the summer fun, but it’s necessary if you’re going to bring in this year’s harvest.  Here are some key points for you to use to get back into the swing of things as reality begins to set in:

  • Get organized!  Organize your office space in a way that allows you to find anything in no time flat.  So many people waste time just looking for things and that time adds up.  When you lose time, you lose money.  Get rid of things you no longer need, archive files that you need to keep and mark them with a date that they can be destroyed.  Once you get your office organized, maintain it.
  • Develop systems that support you.  Any business will have the usual systems—accounting, sales, filing, etc, but many forget that they need a time management system, which is one of the biggest mistakes I see solopreneurs making.  Because of that gap, time flies by but nothing’s gets done.  Find the tool that fits for you and create a system around that tool.
  • Eliminate time wasters.  If you haven’t yet learned how to delegate, start now so that you can focus on the more important, income generating things.  If you don’t have a Virtual Assistant, get one.  If that’s not in the budget, then find an intern who needs the college credits and hours.  Don’t forget the #1 time waster—email.  Control what hits your inbox and how you handle your email.  Set designated times to check your email (not first thing in the morning).  Use filters and folders to direct email to designated folders labeled for particular people, projects and newsletters.
  • Get back on track with your goals.  Take a look at what you created, review your plan and the tasks that will get you to the end result and see what changes need to be made.  If there’s something that hasn’t gotten done because of your summer excursion, recreate it and get moving.

Those are four things that will get you back on track and help you make that shift from summer fun in the sun to being back to business.


Third Eye Group Productivity Chat

August 19th #productivitychat Hosted by @ThirdEyeGrp

Storified by Sheila Hawkins · Mon, Aug 20 2012 14:59:19

Welcome to #productivitychat! Let’s get started. You’re going to get tips & "how tos" to bring order to your day and week #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If you apply what you get here in #productivitychat you can increase your productivity this week and stop the madness! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Now 4 quick intro-I am Sheila Hawkins owner of Third Eye Group aka @ThirdEyeGrp #productivitychat #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Hello Sheila, thanks for inviting me. #productivitychatSylvia
@Gillian_Stephen Hi Gillian. how are you today? #productivitychatSylvia
Hello @Sylviabrowder! Thanks for coming #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
For those who don’t know me… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
To get a feel for who’s "here" post 1 tweet to let us know who you are and what you do (if you like) #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Grab your to-do list for this coming week and join live #productivitychat in progress now Hawkins
@sylviabrowder Fine thanks trying out tweetchat on my blackberry, should be interesting. How are you? #productivitychatGillian Stephen
I’m fine @Gillian_Stephen. Hope you are too. Hopeefully your BB will get you through this, Mine usually does #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen Great thanks. Cooking and watching the chat. 🙂 #productivitychatSylvia
Tell us about what you do @Gillian_Stephen #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@thirdeyegrp I’m a Fitness & Nutrition coach supporting individuals to eat healthy & fit exercise into their schedules #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen, that is a much needed service! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
So now, let me ask a question. FYI I’ll be labeling questions to make it easy for responses & to follow. Answers too #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Tools and Systems Streamline and Save You Time
Q1: What tools and systems do you use to help you manage your time? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I use outlook calendar, Iphone, and TimeTrade to help me manage and stay on track both personally and professionally #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder do you find that those tools work well for you? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp A1: I use my phone calendar & trying to utilise an editorial calendar to schedule blog posts, newsletters etc #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Just clicked in thanks #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@moneywisdomwomen welcome! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Welcome onboard #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@moneywisdomwomen, what tools do you use to support your time management? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
A1: Using tools & systems that are personalized can help you tremendously when it comes to managing your day #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen what format are you using for your editorial calendar? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp what is the ‘editorial calendar’? Gillian mentioned it as well. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder An editorial calendar is something I use for my ezine articles. I plan the upcoming year in Sep/Oct #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Excel sheet, I got the template from @Blog_Trends it’s great but I’m not maximising on it yet #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen That’s usually the challenge most have when it comes to tools #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen max out your tools. Be sure they’re a fit for you and use every feature they afford you. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen If you find something’s not working, re-evaluate to see why. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp What do you use Sheila? #productivitychatSylvia
@Sylviabrowder I use my BlackBerry tools and have templates for editorial calendar, blog posts, events, etc #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp How does the blog post template work ?@Sylviabrowder #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen The one I have is actually a calendar I print that allows me to plan #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen The one I use came from #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen I like it because I like to write things out by hand when I plan #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
The calendar has notes as to special days/weeks, etc so that you can relate your posts #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen Is there anything that’s not working for you now? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@thirdeyegrp I schedule a certain post then as wk progresses other things come to mind or are more current causing havoc #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gilllian_Stephen How far out do you schedule? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp about a fortnight, I know it should be longer, I think! #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Planning is Key When it Comes to Productivity
@Gillian_Stephen You might try planning further out and do a "brain dump" that way you can get more ideas out #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gilllian_Stephen This will let you plan farther out. you can also try choosing a theme or topic and plan multiple posts #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Thanks for tips, things I’ve learnt in my former corporate life but didn’t think to apply them now #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen You’re welcome! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen I connected my blog posts to my NING post so every post is on a timeline in my community. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Smart move! Saves you time and expands your reach. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I also use Hootsuite to manage tweets between twitter, FB fan, FB personal, Linkedin #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Hoot Suite is a nifty little tool. Tools are really important when it comes to saving time w/social media #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes, i agree. #productivitychatSylvia
Are Your To-Do List & Calendar Overloaded?
So tell me…Q2: How many items are on your to-do list and calendar for tomorrow? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp actually, I have about 8 items that need some attention. I will prioritize in the AM #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder prioritizing is the key! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp A2: 7 things, 2 of which I should have started but couldn’t resist this chat. A3: 3 realistic as time’s ltd #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Q3: How many of those things are realistic given the time that you need to complete them? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step 1: Be sure your tasks have priorities based upon your values-based goals so that you know their importance #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
That step helps keep you from overloading and to stay focused on what’s important #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp yes it is. One point… dont be frustrated or stressed if you cant get everything done on your to do list. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Great point. We have to remember that and also not to overload our days #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Definitely sometimes life just gets in the way 🙂 #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Life has a way of doing that, for sure #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen its good to take a break though. Those things on our list will always be there. #productivitychatSylvia
@ThirdEyeGrp It seems everything is important #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@monewisdomwomen I see that a lot. Focus on prioritizing-go back to your goals and start there. Then move forward #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Prioritizing goals takes the guess work out of your daily focus and helps weed out the unimportant things. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp So do you set your goals for the week and then run through list and prioritise them? #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen I set them for the month, then space them through each week #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@monewisdomwomen That process will give you clarity and help decipher the level of importance. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp good point #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@monewisdomwomen Guide for prioritizing: Things that have serious negative consequences if not completed=Priority A tasks #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
…Things not as important as an “A” task w/only minor negative consequences for not completing it=Priority B #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen …“C” tasks are nice to do not as important & have no negative consequences for not completing them. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Others fall under D=Delegate or E=eliminate. Build your prioritizing muscle to support productivity #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Great #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@ThirdEyeGrp music to my ears…….D and E! LOL!!! #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder LOL. I love D and E priority tasks!! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Use these as general rules when prioritizing and you should get some clarity #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Great advice #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Step 2: Remove the things that you don’t have time to do. Keep priority things on your list and calendar #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Thks. I tried quarterly approach, then drilled down to monthly but didn’t drill down further to the week #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen great idea as well #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@Gillian_Stephen That’s usually where people stop. Schedule weekly planning time to break it down further #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Quarterly approach works well. I start w/annual, then set times for quarterly, monthly, weekly #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen That process gives time to make changes and adjust what you’re created already #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Not Everything is Deserving of Your Time
Not everything is deserving of your precious time. If not related to the master plan don’t give it your time #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step 3: Place any task that will take more than 15 minutes in your calendar. This avoids over-scheduling #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Action Step: Rearrange your day based upon the above 3 steps. Remember your focus is on top priority tasks #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Will do #productivitychatGillian Stephen
It’s time to wind down the chat ladies, one more question for you… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Q7: What challenges are you having right now while taking these steps to restructure your day and bring order to it? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp A7: You’ve all given me more than enough to put in place to help me move forward, so a very big thank you #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Glad to know that #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp This has been great Sheila. I enjoyed this chat. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Thanks Sylvia! So glad that you could make it. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Well of course. I knew this would be ‘productive’ information that I can use. Always looking for good tips #productivitychatSylvia
I’ll be announcing the date for the next #productivitychat this week #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
This entire chat will be a post on my blog. I will let everyone know when it’s up #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp You’re welcome. @sylviabrowder @monewisdomwoman ladies it’s been great, I’m on GMT so signing out, goodnight #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Great Twitter chat tonight. Thanks @sylviabrowder @Gillian_Stephen @monewisdomwomen #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
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