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September 9, 2012 Highlights & Key Points

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Welcome to #productivitychat! Let’s get started. You’re going to get tips & "how tos" to bring order to your day and week #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
You can apply what you get here in #productivitychat you can increase your productivity this week and stop the madness! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
During previous chats we’ve tackled prioritization, and maximizing use of your time management tool #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If you’re struggling with priorities, here are a few pointers to help you… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Things that have serious negative consequences if not completed=Priority A tasks #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Things not as important as an “A” task w/only minor negative consequences for not completing it=Priority B #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
C” tasks are nice to do not as important & have no negative consequences for not completing them. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Other tasks fall under D=Delegate or E=eliminate. Practice & build your prioritizing muscle to support productivity #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Not many people add tasks to those last 2, but those 2 are key when it comes to productivity #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Delegate tasks that you don’t have to be the one to do to someone who can handle them. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Don’t get caught up in the thought that "it takes time to teach them how to do that". Make the investment to teach them #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Doing so is making an investment in your time and frees you up to work on top priorities #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
When it comes to priority "E" tasks, add tasks to this category as often as possible. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Get things off your plate that don’t belong there. If they aren’t related to your focus, they aren’t worthy of your time #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Tasks that are directly related to your goals are the things that should be on your agenda daily #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
When it comes to your time management tool, choose one that fits your personality. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Learn all of the features of your time management tool and use all of them to support you daily #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If something about the tool you’re using doesn’t support your productivity, you may not have the right tool. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Final challenge: procrastination. What cost have you been paying for putting things off? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
How much time has procrastination costs you in the past and what’s it costing you right now? Do the math. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If you do the math you’ll find that procrastination is costing you big time. You may find some solutions that seem to work #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Some solutions for procrastination don’t work because they don’t deal with the root cause of procrastination #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
When solutions don’t get to the root cause of procrastination, it resurfaces and you’re back to square 1 #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons people don’t reach their goals. What’s it keeping you from getting to? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Procrastination is a byproduct of something that ‘s going on within you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
To get rid of procrastination you’ve got to dig deep to reveal what’s going on inside of you to eliminate it for good #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Procrastination takes away your personal power. Eliminating its root cause gives you back your power and lets you stop #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Key points from #productivitychat: #1 know your priorities and categorize your tasks accordingly #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Key point # 2: Use a time management tool that fits your personality so that it serves you well #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Key point # 3: Know and max out the the features of your time management tool so that it supports your productivity #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Key point # 4: Understand that your procrastination is only a byproduct of something that’s going on inside of you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Key point # 5: Getting rid of procrastination means revealing what’s going on inside of you/root cause #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Follow these key points for challenges w/prioritization, tools you use to manage your time and procrastination #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
For addressing your procrastination, visit #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
For real-time productivity solutions join the next chat on September 23rd at 3pm ET. Bring your challenges & questions #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

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