Women are wearing the usual crazy number of hats, life is moving at the speed of light and people are caught up and nothing’s slowing down.  For many of those who are caught up, there’s always something to do and most times what they can only see is what they haven’t done.  When you’re caught up like this, with no end in sight, you’re not giving yourself credit for the things that you do accomplish.  You don’t see your accomplishments because you’re too busy trying to maintain the juggling act; you’re looking for the next thing that there is to do and you feel as though if you’re not doing something, something’s wrong.

Stop and take a step back from that vicious cycle and take a moment to simply breathe.  Stop looking for the next thing to do–it’s going to be there when you finish breathing, trust me; it’s not going anywhere.  After taking a few deep, cleansing breaths, take stock in what you have accomplished.  Don’t think about what you haven’t done yet or the about the things hanging over your head, let that go.  Look back on your day, your week, your month and take inventory.  What have you accomplished?  Furthermore, what does having those things done allow you to do?  Maybe the things that you finished earlier this week are going to allow you to help your clients be better at what they do in some way, or to have a breakthrough that they’ve been trying to have but just can’t seem to get.  Whatever it is, take time to think about the results of your efforts.  Take the opportunity to marvel at what you’ve done instead of sliding it under the rug.

Make it your business to take this step back on a regular basis so that you can gain some perspective, and stop beating yourself up because there’s still so much to do.  Then, choose the appropriate tools to support you in your daily quest to get things done and create systems that will help you increase your productivity and breeze through your to-do list.  while you’re at it , delegate the tasks you can and get rid of the things that don’t line up with your values and what you’re focused on.  You’ll find that it will lighten your load and that you’ll be focused on what matters most.

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