So, just yesterday you were creating your goals and mapping your way through the new territory of this year and now we’re headed toward the end of the first quarter. Time is moving faster than it ever did, which might make it seem a bit more challenging to keep up with it all.

Looking back at what you created for this year, what do you see so far?  Which goals had you anticipated completing by this point in time?  For others that aren’t due to be completed yet, which milestones should be reached at this point in the year?  Which goals are you due to start working on this month and in the months to follow?

As you continue to look at your goals, ask what’s incomplete and why? Look to see if you’re on track for not only the current things that you’re working on, but the new and upcoming goals that you’re going to begin working on soon.  Are you going to be able to start on time?  If you were graded or received a report card right now, what would your grades look like?  Where is improvement needed?

Create a status update that gives you the following:

Completed goals-Out of those that are due for completion at this point, how many have you accomplished?  Measure where you are with each goal that you set based upon the means that you determined when you set each goal.

Incomplete tasks-How many tasks directly related to your goals are incomplete? The next thing to figure out is why they’re incomplete.  Maybe you’re not allowing enough time for the tasks that need to be completed, or maybe they aren’t making it to your calendar or to-do list. You might need to develop a few new habits or incorporate new tools to shore you up in your day-to-day activities.

Resources-Did you anticipate everything that you needed to support you in accomplishing what you projected?  Were any resources not as helpful as you imagined they would be, and, what resources do you need to get you through the rest of the year?

Grade yourself fairly and then take the necessary steps to get back on track.  If there’s something that you haven’t started working on yet or something that you’re seriously off track with, there’s still time to pull it together.  It doesn’t matter what your status update looks like, what matters is that it’s accurate.  Don’t look at this point as a sign that you aren’t on track, are falling behind or haven’t gotten anything done at all.  Allow it to be a point of recovery, reestablishment and recommitment for you and let that fuel you forward.


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