Goal-Dart-Resize-SmallIt’s really easy to know what you want but how to get there can be the tricky part and there are things that contribute to immediate failure that most people aren’t aware of.  There are 5 key points that you have to consider or look at when you’re thinking about the goals you want to create. Those particular things when they’re not considered are the very things that contribute to your goals failing. If you make the mistake of not considering them, you’re probably not going to reach your goals.  In this series of short posts, I’m going to share the 5 things that you should consider when you’re contemplating your goals.

Everybody has goals—things that they want to do or accomplish.  What usually happens is that you get off to a good start with great enthusiasm, moving forward toward what you want, and then, about a month or so into that hot pursuit, you stall.  All of a sudden you aren’t moving forward.  You’re off track and maybe heading in the wrong direction. The frustration starts to set in and you don’t know why or what to do next.

Well, the “why” is quite simple.  The reasons “why” are the things that you missed; the key points when you created your goals. As I mentioned,  those are the things that are going to keep you from getting to the finish line if you don’t make some changes.   Let’s start with the first key…

Key Point# 1-Be Sure What You Create is a Goal

Many times people create what they think are goals, but they’ve created something entirely different.  What they really have are thoughts, words, just whims or something they’ve resolved to do.  Those things are fine and they can serve as great catalysts to start your process, but they aren’t goals.  They don’t have the muscle or the staying power that’s necessary.  Solid goals do.

Take whatever it is that you’re contemplating creating and run it through the S.M.A.R.T. test:

  • Is it specific?  Does it include all of the fine details?  If not, define the details and describe what you want completely
  • Can you measure the results?  If what you created isn’t measurable in any way, you’re missing a large piece of the puzzle.  If the goal is to increase your income, set an amount so that you can tell how you’re doing at any given point in time and so that you have the end target
  • Is what you created attainable?  Is it realistic; can you do it?  If not, get real.  Create something that  you can attain
  • Next, ask if it’s relevant.  By that I mean is it relevant to your purpose and what you want out of life?  Does it fit?
  • Finally, set the time for what you want to achieve.  You have to have a “by when” date for every goal that you set.  Make them each time-bound.

That’s it for the first point. Check out my next posts for the remaining keys for creating your goals.


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