GoalonClearBoard-SmallKey #3-What’s Your Level of Commitment?  Okay, so we’re at the mid-way point of the 5 Key Points for creating your goals. When it comes to goals, typically what happens is that people jump in and start that hot pursuit before they’ve truly committed themselves to what they’re doing, which is of course one reason why their efforts get stalled after about a month or so.

The Law of Commitment governs the manifestation of your goals.  You have to actually want to manifest what you say you want to manifest in order for it to show up.  Now, I know that sounds pretty obvious, but what you may not realize is that although you say you’re committed to what you want, there’s usually something lurking in the background, behind what you say you’re committed to.  Behind what you say you’re committed to are stronger, unconscious commitments that you don’t know exist.

Let me tell you what I mean by that.  People tend to have commitment confused with desire or obligation.  Desire is a want, or an aspiration.  Obligation is a responsibility or a duty—it might even be something that you feel a compulsion for, but it’s not commitment and neither is desire.  They both may be in the mix when it comes to commitment, but they are distinct from it.  Contrary to popular belief, commitment is not a thing. Commitment is giving yourself over to what you want; completely.  It’s never about what you’re doing, but instead, who you’re being.

Start digging to see what you’re really committed to.  As you dig, you’re looking for things that you don’t know about; things that are in your blind spots.  Let me give you a couple of examples.  You might be at a point right now where you’re stalled in your efforts when it comes to getting fit.  What you’ve said you’re committed to is your health and well being, but what you might just be committed to is eating whatever you want and being lazy and just letting it ride.  You might say that you’re truly committed to a relationship, but what you’re really committed to is being selfish and being unavailable.  Look at how you are actually living your life to see how that contrasts with what you say you’re committed to. Those hidden commitments work against you achieving your goals.  The truth is that they are running the show and they determine how you operate in the world.

I know what I just said might take a minute for you to wrap your head around it, but I encourage you to explore what I said and dig deep to see what you’re really committed to and be ready for the next post in this series.


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