VisionMagGlassKey #4-Create and Hold Your Vision  I’m back with Key # 4 of 5 Key Points For Creating Your Goals.  It’s really hard to get where you want to go if you don’t have a clear picture of what it looks like.  When all of the details aren’t there, you don’t have a clear vision in your mind of what your goal looks like.  With that missing, it makes it hard to get where you’re going.  Lack of vision keeps people from what they want all the time.  It’s really easy to know what you want, but you’ve got to be able to see it clearly, with all of the detail.  If you can’t see where you’re going, you can’t get there, so you have to have a clear picture of what you want.

Start by having a very vibrant, clear picture of each of your goals.  See each goal as you would a movie and allow that vision to inspire you.  As you watch each of these movies, make note of what you see, what you hear, feel–all of those fine details that people tend to leave out.  If you could achieve that goal, exactly what would your life look like?  Bill Gate’s vision was “There will be a personal computer on every desk running Microsoft software.”  To help you with the process, try visualizing what you want during a meditation.  Take your time; create a vivid picture of what you want.  See the things and the people that you need to help it come into play.  See what happens when you actually reach your goal.  Think about how that would make you feel and get in touch with those emotions and allow yourself to feel them.  Take in the entire experience.

Vision boarding is another way to create a clear picture of what you want.  If that’s something that fits for you, start cutting out pictures, words, and phrases that represent your goal and paste them to poster board, a scrap book or photo album or just plain paper.  Keep your board where you can see it, and make sure you revisit what you created often.  You have to keep visual reminders of where you’re going in front of you to help fuel you forward toward what you want.  Your vision helps create the context for your goals.  Create that context and then go for your goal inside of that context.

Start to create your vision now, and I’ll “see” you in the final post.


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