DelegatingDelegating tasks can be a difficult thing to do. For many it’s hard because you really own what you do, others seek and like to maintain control. If you truly want to grow, you’ve got to let things go. First of all, let’s face it, you can’t do everything. That might be how things were when you first started your business, but there comes a time to delegate.

The rule is, if you don’t have to be the one to do it, give it to someone else.  I have heard it so many times before–you might think that in the time it takes for you to explain how to do something to someone you could actually have done the task yourself.  Now, that might be true with some tasks, but the point you’re missing here is that if you take the time to set that foundation, you really do save yourself plenty of time in the long run. If it takes you an hour to show someone how to perform a task, once you’ve shown them how to get it done, they have the knowledge and can perform that task for you whenever it needs to be done. So let’s say that twice a month it takes you an hour to schedule your social media posts for a period of time ahead. Although this is important, it’s not something that is directly generating income for you, and definitely not something that requires your skill and expertise to do.  If you invest an hour of your time to show someone else the ropes, it’s an hour that pays off well in the long run. You can cross that off your list and focus on an activity that generates income for you. What are your plans for growing your business? Just think about the things that you can do to forward that growth in the two hours.

Think about the tasks that you can delegate that would give you time to focus on expanding your business.  Determine who the right person is to perform the task, outline and give them detailed instructions how to go about doing it and a due date for what you’ve handed over. The time that you invest will pay you back many times over and you and your clients will continue to reap the return on that investment and your business continues to grow.


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