ClocksandHourglassLet’s face it, work days are busy and it can be hard to organize your days in a way that help you get it all done. Here are three tips that will save time and keep your productive.

  • Segment Your Days or Your Week-One thing that works is to break your days or weeks into segments. Structure your days or your week in a way that has you set specific time periods in the day or week for various tasks. For example, I have two days in my week where I don’t see clients. Those days are designated for working on internal things like my programs, and things related to my business systems. Setting aside that time keeps those things happening every week as they need to.  I also have one day and then segments of others that are for clients only. Look at the different types of tasks that you have on a regular basis and group them by day throughout the week or create segments in your day for particular tasks.
  • Prioritize-It’s easy to get sidetracked and have your entire day or week be off course. Determine your priorities ahead of time, based upon the bigger items or projects that you have on your plate. Once you’ve determined the priority for each, it becomes easy to know what things to focus on and what things don’t get your time and energy. You start to schedule your priorities instead of prioritizing your schedule.
  • Use One Calendar-PLEASE stop using multiple calendars! It’s enough to drive you crazy, not to mention having things fall through the cracks because you have two or more places to schedule events and tasks. Determine what type of calendar is a fit for you, based upon your personality then use that one calendar to house your business, personal and family calendar items. Doing so keeps things from falling through the cracks and will keep you from double booking.


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