MeTimeClockI bet that if I were to ask my readers, radio show listeners and potential clients when they last had time to themselves,  they probably wouldn’t be able to tell me. That madness has to stop right now! How can you expect to give to things and other people, when you haven’t made time to give to yourself? Well, you can’t.

When you plan, you should be the first thing that goes onto your calendar. You do not belong in the spaces that are left vacant after you fit in your clients, children, spouse and other people and things. You have to be the top priority and make sure that you come first. This is one of the things that I teach clients in planning sessions with them. When we’re looking at their entire upcoming year or the next six months, we acknowledge where the holidays are and then the first thing we do is add in their vacation days, down time, long weekends and me time. It’s something that takes them a while to do actually because most are not accustomed to thinking or placing themselves first. There are times when I’ve needed to stop to get them past that hurdle before we can continue with the process, but it’s necessary. Everything else gets put into the mix after those days are in her calendar and not a moment before. Oh, just so you know, holidays don’t count as down time or me time.

Starting right now, I want you to look at your calendar to see where you can put time for yourself and as you move forward in your planning or your days, weeks and months. Be bold, put yourself first and add the chunks of time for you. When you look at what you have scheduled now, shift things around to accommodate yourself. You would do it for a client, so do it for you. As you move forward, make it your rule to schedule your me time first. You’ll find that those chunks of time to yourself allow you to recharge so that you can give to the things and people who mater most. It will also help boost your productivity.