ClockCalendar-GreenIn case you hadn’t noticed, the first quarter of the year came and left fairly quickly and April 10th was the 100 day mark. How did you start your year? Was it with solid goals and a plan to carry them out or with just the thoughts in your head about what you wanted to do? If it’s the latter, honestly, that’s the way that about 92% of people started their year; without any focus and or preparation. How you start your year sets the tone for what happens during the course of it, Even though we’re beyond the 100 day mark, you can do a course correction that changes where you’re going as well as the tone and energy that you operate within.

You’ve had days where you felt as though you got up on the wrong side of the bed or you find yourself saying that you want a “do-over”. Most times you are in that space because you’ve started your day on the wrong note, neglecting to create the space that allowed you to set the tone for your day.  We’ve all been there and we know exactly how that feels and we know exactly how those days go. The same is so with the first 100 days of the year.

If you didn’t start the year with intention and focus, you can use today to refocus and get things on track. Change the tone; shift the energy and create what you want to step into. That means getting focused on laying the ground work for what you want. What characteristics do you have to take on to make things happen?

Think about what you want to create; what feelings do you want to experience?  From there, create your goals…all the details and in writing. No cheating or shortcuts. This is your business and your life we’re talking about here so stop playing games. Commit yourself to what you create and then get your plan in writing with measurable results, milestones and start and finish dates.

Then look for the things that hinder you and hold you back and facing them. What kept you from doing this in the first place? Uncover the gremlins that might hold you back from movement. One of the biggest things that you have to is shift your mindset. Mindset is everything. Engage in practices that will continue to shore you up on a daily basis. You can’t just set course and then expect to be on point every day all day. If you haven’t done this, right now you need to pull out your journal or a sheet of paper and get crackin’.