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Desktop mix on a wooden office tableLet me start by saying that I know you may not have a daily routine when it comes to getting things done. You probably have things that you do in the morning as you start your day, like making breakfast. If you have children you’re getting them ready and maybe off to school. Maybe you include mediation or a workout. It’s a given that you have something you do every day, even if it’s general, like eating and getting showered and dressed.

Your morning sets the tone for your day, so you want to purposely structure it and you also want to purposely structure your work day. Now some see structure as a bad thing, I know that my creative people out there may not even be able to hear anything about structure, but trust me you can do this.

Once you get to your office, whether it’s inside or outside of your home what do you do? Do you sit down and dive right in? If so, what are you diving into and how? If you’re jumping into your inbox first thing, stop it. Let today be the last day that you did that. If your start isn’t intentional you’ve have to revamp the way you start your work day. If you’re on top of things, you will have all of your to-dos and calendar items in place, so you don’t have to think about it, you just have to review it.

The first part of your routine for the day should include getting present to what you want your experience to be that day and how you want to serve or have your clients experience you. You should also make time to review your agenda and see if you’re led to change something. Maybe something doesn’t fit or something has to shift. Make the changes and then step into your first task.

Continue with your day based upon your to-do items and your calendar making any adjustments you have to make along the way. Determine when in your day you’re going to check email and stop leaving it open all day and set a time for making and returning. Neither of these should be happening during your prime time. Use your prime time to focus on your priority tasks. Get in at least two quick breaks into your day and time to refuel your productivity. Finally, determine how you’re going to end your day, making sure to include looking at your list and calendar for the coming day so that you know what’s up.

The idea here is to create a routine with regular habits that work for you, make your day work and help you get it done. What do you need to make standard in your day? Look at the trouble you have every day and that will give you an idea of where the gaps are and what you need to make customary. This keeps you focused, on point and on purpose instead of floundering endlessly day after day.


Green road sign choicesAs people go through their days fighting against what seems to be all odds to get things done, a lot of them are wishing they could get more done, or just get something done. The same thing happens for them day in and day out and they’re stuck. One thing they don’t realize is that being productive is a choice. It’s not something that you have to be gifted with. I’ve heard many people say, “I’m just not organized or I’m just not productive” thinking that if you’re not wired that way, then you’re doomed. That’s not the case.

Life is all about choices. We make them every day. You have to make a conscious choice about how you want to work. So if you’re having trouble getting things done one of the things you have to ask yourself how you want to work.  Make time to answer that question for yourself. Do you want to work in flow; do you want your office to be peaceful? These might seem a bit obvious, but if you don’t think about what you want and make the conscious choice to work that way, then it’s not going to show up in your world.

After choosing how you want to work, the next step is determining how you want your day to look and how you want to experience your day. They might be crazy right now, but step back and think about what you want your ideal work day, your ideally productive day to look like. You might want to have time each morning for that work out that you never seem to be able to fit in, or to have some time to yourself…even just the few minutes you’ve been craving. If you’re looking to work in flow, what does that look like on a daily basis? What challenges and non-supportive habits would you have overcome?

Once you’ve made the conscious choice about how you want to work and you have an idea of what it looks like, you have to create the structure for it. That means building the foundation that will give you the day you want to live inside of your business. So you seek to discover how you relate to time, you choose the tool that’s right for you based upon that, and build your system around it to support you getting and then staying productive. Then you can bring your day to life and have that experience every day.

Having the productive days you want isn’t difficult, it’s just about creating them.  If you’re looking for support in creating your ideally productive day, I invite you to check out my Zen Day session. Invest one hour of your time with me and we’ll lay the foundation for the day you want to create and you’ll be ready to take the steps to make it come to life.


Mercury Retro-Refocus Regroup RenewOn May 18th we entered Mercury retrograde and the energy will be present until June 11th and we’ll be in it’s shadow for a short time afterward. Mercury Retrograde occurs when the planet appears to be moving backwards, into its shadow, which causes communication, scheduling, transportation and even our judgment to become a bit cloudy or error prone.

You can use this retrograde to stay productive and continue moving forward. With things in the outer realm being challenged, it’s smart to plan for delays and errors. It’s also a good idea to double check due dates, meeting times and to make sure communications you’ve sent are received and clear. You may find that you have email issues during this time as well. It has been said that this is not a good time for planning new things, but rather a time to continue planning things that have already be started, or to revisit projects that aren’t yet complete. Be sure that you have your technology covered, meaning that your files, contacts, etc are backed up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients and others tell me that they don’t have their files and other important information backed up. I’ve also witnessed people go through that painful process of losing all of the files on their laptop or all of their contacts and having to start from scratch. Definitely not somewhere you want to be

While things in the outer realm may be challenging during this time, this is a great time retreat within. To make the time to reflect for introspection and to work on ourselves. As you take that retreat, look to see where your habits have you hung up and what steps it will take for you release them. Don’t look at your habits as good or bad, just simply that they are either serving you or they’re not. What do you see hinders you on a daily basis when it comes to getting things off your to-do list? How can you shift things to create a habit that will support you. Engage someone else if you feel you need accountability in making that shift.

Use the energy that is present now while we’re in retrograde to refocus. Maybe you’re off track on a few things or feel as though you haven’t paid enough attention to something. Now is the time to get back on track. Regroup in your outer realm as well as the inner and allow things to be renewed so that you’re back on point and you can use this period to organize or reorganize your office, and restructure things by getting systems in place to shore up your foundation. This can be a very empowering time if you allow it to be. Refocus, regroup and renew to empower your productivity.


CleaningIncluded in the non-supportive habits that I encounter with clients, is the habit of dumping things onto to-do lists and calendars. What happens is things come to mind that have to be done or added to your calendar and you cram them in without even thinking about where they should go or if they even fit.  A lot of times it’s because if you don’t, you won’t have a way to remember them.

We’re about a month into Spring and with the season comes the traditional “Spring cleaning” and truthfully, this a good time to clean, purge and organize your office too.  If you didn’t purge and archive files at the end of the year, spring is a good time to do so.  It’s also a good time to look at the systems and routines that you have in place to support you in your day to day activities.  Your office isn’t the only thing that can get cluttered and disorganized.  The same can happen to your calendar and your to-do list.

If you look at your calendar and don’t see time where you’re working on things that are relevant to your business goals and projects or meetings that are related to what you’re up to or where you’re going, then it’s time to clean up your act.  Do you see blocks of me time or are you not even on your own calendar?

Spring clean your calendar by getting rid of the things that aren’t relevant.  If something isn’t relevant it’s not worthy of your time.  If you’re overbooked, reassess what’s there. Everything that you have scheduled time for should have a related priority.  Allow those priorities to determine whether or not the items remain on your calendar.

To continue, look at your to-do list.  Chances are it’s pretty full. Weed out the things that aren’t important and if there are things that you can delegate do it! The things on your to-do list should also have a level of priority assigned to them before things make it to your list. Not having a priority can cost you precious time.

These quick steps will declutter your calendar and your to-do list.  To keep them that way planning is key. As you plan, keep your goals top of mind and don’t allow anything that’s not related to find its way in, and don’t over commit yourself.  Know what you are capable of handling and be realistic.  Before you commit to something, make sure that it’s relevant and that you have the time to dedicate to it.  These things will greatly assist you in managing your work load and keeping extra hours and clutter off of your agenda.



DontManage-WieldYou may have heard me talk about wielding time if you’re a regular reader or a client. If you haven’t, let me start by saying that there’s a big difference between managing time and wielding it. Since you’re here I would imagine that you’re struggling when it comes to getting things done. You’re running out of day before you run out of things to do. You’re caught up. Caught up in the everyday to-dos and everything that goes along with it, trying to manage family, business and to have a life and time for yourself.

When people are caught up and fed up, their focus shifts to how to make it better, how to get it all done and overall they are looking for a way to “manage time”. The primary challenge with this is that people seek to manage something that doesn’t even exist. Time is a concept; something man created to help him understand and comprehend the physical world as he sees it in his everyday experience. Here you are trying to manage it and it doesn’t exist. This is one reason you struggle. Not only are you caught up, you’re stuck with a perspective that has you think you can control something that’s not real.

Managing time means daily struggle, one size, not so quite fits all solutions, but using them and trying to make them work as best you can because it’s what you’ve got. It means rushing to get things done, and facing challenges like procrastination and multiple interruptions every day without knowing what to do.

So, how to you stop? How to you go from where you are to wielding time? It’s a process that includes shifting your mindset and knowing time is a concept. Start with empowering yourself knowing that you get to create your day. The next step is important. That crucial step is to figure out how you relate to time because productivity is personal. Better yet, dig in deep and discover your Productivity Persona™. Use what you discover to choose a tool that fits you like a glove. Once you have the tool that you’re going to use to serve you on a daily basis, keeping you on track and contributing to your productivity, build your productivity system around it by determining the processes that you need to support you on a regular basis. Detail the steps for the processes in writing. Then figure out who, besides you needs to be part of your system to perform the processes within the system.

In a nutshell, this is your foundation for beginning to make the shift to wielding time™ so that you can get it done. Being in that space of wielding time means that you understand how you personally relate to time; you know what time of day works for you personally and you use it to get to the things on your agenda every day. It means that you’ve taken control; you get to say what time is and you have your personal power back and you’re using it to get it done. Wielding time means freedom, flow and maximum productivity.

To learn more visit and check out my book, Wielding Time: Taking Back Your Power To Increase Productivity.


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