DontManage-WieldYou may have heard me talk about wielding time if you’re a regular reader or a client. If you haven’t, let me start by saying that there’s a big difference between managing time and wielding it. Since you’re here I would imagine that you’re struggling when it comes to getting things done. You’re running out of day before you run out of things to do. You’re caught up. Caught up in the everyday to-dos and everything that goes along with it, trying to manage family, business and to have a life and time for yourself.

When people are caught up and fed up, their focus shifts to how to make it better, how to get it all done and overall they are looking for a way to “manage time”. The primary challenge with this is that people seek to manage something that doesn’t even exist. Time is a concept; something man created to help him understand and comprehend the physical world as he sees it in his everyday experience. Here you are trying to manage it and it doesn’t exist. This is one reason you struggle. Not only are you caught up, you’re stuck with a perspective that has you think you can control something that’s not real.

Managing time means daily struggle, one size, not so quite fits all solutions, but using them and trying to make them work as best you can because it’s what you’ve got. It means rushing to get things done, and facing challenges like procrastination and multiple interruptions every day without knowing what to do.

So, how to you stop? How to you go from where you are to wielding time? It’s a process that includes shifting your mindset and knowing time is a concept. Start with empowering yourself knowing that you get to create your day. The next step is important. That crucial step is to figure out how you relate to time because productivity is personal. Better yet, dig in deep and discover your Productivity Persona™. Use what you discover to choose a tool that fits you like a glove. Once you have the tool that you’re going to use to serve you on a daily basis, keeping you on track and contributing to your productivity, build your productivity system around it by determining the processes that you need to support you on a regular basis. Detail the steps for the processes in writing. Then figure out who, besides you needs to be part of your system to perform the processes within the system.

In a nutshell, this is your foundation for beginning to make the shift to wielding time™ so that you can get it done. Being in that space of wielding time means that you understand how you personally relate to time; you know what time of day works for you personally and you use it to get to the things on your agenda every day. It means that you’ve taken control; you get to say what time is and you have your personal power back and you’re using it to get it done. Wielding time means freedom, flow and maximum productivity.

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