Welcome to my blog!  I’m Sheila Hawkins, head time wielder and owner at Third Eye Group.  I am a Productivity Coach with a revolutionary approach. I am a rebel when it comes just about everything you can think of and, given my non-conformist ways, I’ve always seen things a bit differently than the average person. My purpose on the planet is to revolutionize the way women solopreneurs view time and the way they engage and approach it when it comes to getting things done.

Now, that’s enough about me for the moment, let’s talk about you.  You’re a conscious, Spirit-led, female solopreneur and I know exactly where you are right now. You’re probably pretty frustrated. You know you have to get a handle on managing your time, but you don’t know how to do it. You’re ready to let go of the habits like procrastination that don’t serve or support you and to figure out how to finally get your office organized and keep it clutter free. I’m here to help you uncover the challenges you have when it comes to being productive because you really don’t know what the reasons for those challenges are. I’m here to take your hand and work with you in a way that not only reveals your challenges but helps you to really take a deeper look. To stop looking at the surface stuff and delve deep, begin to dig down to the root cause and to look at who it is you’re being that’s producing your challenges.

You get so caught up in doing things so that you can get somewhere that it hasn’t occurred to you to think about who you’re being inside of that, and that’s what I do. As we work together we look at your ways of being, which of those ways support you, which ways don’t and create new ones. I help you implement the solutions, we look at anything that comes up, address those things and tweak the solutions. Those remedies help you eliminate your challenges and allow you to up level to increase your productivity so that you can get to the important things and experience the freedom you became an entrepreneur to experience.

I’ve been right where you are. I’ve had procrastination plague me, and I mean plague me and tried all kinds of solutions. Everything that everybody said would work, but those things didn’t get me anywhere. I always ended up back at square 1. It occurred to me that I was the common denominator so I started to look within to see what was going on. I had things going on inside and ways of being that allowed for procrastination to be part of my world, zap my productivity and impede my progress and growth. I grew up with mother who was a clutter bug to the extent that the entire house was in disarray. Hindsight being 20/20 I saw that the clutter was due to the emotional things she held on to. Her emotional clutter showed up in the space and it impacted the whole family. I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Forget about pieces of paper, or degrees and letters to tag on behind my name; that experience alone qualifies me to be the one to take you through the process.

My services include time management coaching, office organizing, productivity training, and project management.  I also provide workshops for individuals, business owners and company work teams.

Learn more about me and what I do by visiting www.thirdeyegroup.net or contact me via email at info@thirdeyegroup.net.