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AccountabilityIt’s really easy to create the plan and all that goes with it, but it’s not a smart move to be the only one holding you accountable, especially if what you’re up to is something that has you stepping into a zone that you haven’t been in before—something that stretches you. Accountability is most often one of the missing pieces. Being accountable means that you alone are liable and answerable for what happens, and for what doesn’t happen. For what you do and for what you don’t do. Without it, getting your desired end results becomes more difficult.

Accountability is a choice; it’s a way of being. Choosing to be accountable means that you identify with what that means and fully accept the responsibility for what happens and for any mishaps along the way without pointing fingers. It’s a personal choice to demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving exceptional results.
If you’re going to accomplish what you say you want to accomplish, you have to first of all, take responsibility for what you’re up to and take responsibility for your actions. It’s all on you. No one else is responsible for your actions but you. If you think about that for a moment, that’s a pretty big deal, so not something you want to take lightly. You really have to make a mindset shift to stand in that space.

Standing in that space of complete ownership means seeing and then identifying with who it is that you have to be to get the things done that will lead to the outcome that you desire. When you look up at the summit you may realize that the situation calls for you to be an entirely different way. You have to step up your game to rise to the occasion. It also means that you are completely authentic with yourself and with everyone else no matter what comes your way.

Occupying that space means that you are in alignment with who it is you are called to be inside of every moment as well as with what it is you’re setting out to achieve. Think about how difficult you would make your overall task if you weren’t in alignment with it. Without alignment you end up working against your grain.

When you’re up to big things, which I believe all of us should be, you can’t solely rely on yourself for accountability. Ask someone to be your accountability partner. It can a friend, colleague, or it can be your coach. Whomever it is has to be someone who understands who you are, knows what you’re working to achieve and who will hold your feet to the fire no matter what. They also have to be able to put their foot in your rear if need be and trust me, that time will come. This person actually takes on the responsibility of supporting you and making you answer for your actions, or lack thereof. This trusted individual holds you accountable and you step up to the plate and take things on. Being liable to be called on to render an account in answer for your actions.

As you move forward, remember to acknowledge reality and own the reality regardless of what it is. When you hit bumps in the road, find a way to glide over them. When problems arise, create and carry out solutions. Hold the vision for what you want and pave your way to the summit.

If you’re into mobile apps and you need some help with accountability, check out my productivity app In “Do” Time. It supports you throughout the week to help keep you accountable. As of the time of this post, it’s available on Google Play and coming to Apple soon.


Have you heard of Chatwing? It’s an app that has provided many chatrooms for users during the past four years. The chatrooms were improved periodically for the benefits of web users. The innovation of the Chatwing chat app can be measured in many factors.


Persistent Connectivity

This platform has undergone various upgrades to benefit thousands of users. Now on its latest version, web users can now rely on the chatroom’s persistent connection. Everything is fast and changes are also done in real-time. To keep the platform at this level of performance, the developers conduct maintenance checks from time to time.

Social Media Leverage

The Chatwing widget’s popularity is attributed, mostly, to the social network leverage. Users can log in with their social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and VK. This simple feature is meant to bring high rates of web traffic to any blog or website. Moreover, you can also use the feature for social networking purposes. Bloggers also rely on Chatwing’s social media leverage for building large subscriber groups within a limited time frame.

Everything at Your Control

Whenever you register with any app provider, you’re considered a client. In Chatwing, you’re more than just any client—you actually have full control of the chatroom. It’s easy to modify the chatrooms according to your preferences, and you can even upload background images. Do you want to alter the mood of the chatbox? It’s possible through the MP3 link system. If you don’t want to monitor the chatbox alone, you can invite your friends as moderators, but they must have official Chatwing accounts. Is someone giving you a problem? Well, just ban them and delete their messages—this can be done in few clicks.

Chatwing Premium

 While Chatwing chat widget is free, you have the chance to go premium. Chatwing’s array of premium services can be availed through virtual coins; each coin costs $ 1, and each service can run a full month; you can also terminate the service anytime.

Chatwing’s innovation can help you gain the upper hand in online chat. The widget can be considered a blessing wrapped in a simple package.


We all know how popular apps are and the majority of people use them every day on their phones or other mobile devices or online. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an app for it, guaranteed.  This infographic depicts just how much we love apps when it comes to the money we spend on them, how we use them and the time we spend with our apps. As you can see, for this group of people, there’s more usage of social networking apps and much less usage of utility and productivity based apps.
We Love Apps
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No matter how much technology improves we still end up with paper and business cards being part of the paper pile.  If you end up with cards from networking events and the like, and you treat them as you should, you’re somehow entering them into your contact management system.  If not, then you probably have quite a stack and it’s safe to say that some of the cards in your stack are outdated.

Business cards have always posed a problem and technology produced results to help, but for some, the work just doesn’t get done.  CardMunch is an app that allows users to convert business cards to address book contacts, and then add those contacts as connections on LinkedIn.  With just a quick photo of a business card you can upload it to the service, and the information will be automatically added to your phone. There’s no need to hang on to the paper business card after that. That automatically eliminates the pile of business cards.  Every business card you submit is transcribed, edited and reviewed by multiple workers to guarantee accuracy. They even crop the company logos from business cards.  This eliminates one of the challenges that some of the technological tools produced to help with this can’t do.

With a simple flip of your phone you can experience a view of all your business cards and flip through them and access your contacts’ information.  Your contacts are fully searchable by name, address, or even by notes and CardMunch indexes all your contacts’ information.  The app also does auto image capture.  All you have to do is hover your phone over a business card and the app automatically detects when the card is in range and takes the picture.  You ca use the Multishot mode to submit a stack of cards at once. As you capture information you choose whether to store the info in CardMunch or into your iPhone, so you can avoid a cluttered address book.  You won’t lose your information either since CardMunch backs up and syncs all your contacts to your web account and your phone. You can log in to any phone and recover all your contacts.

This seems like  a great way to solve the business card stack problem and save yourself the time of entering or scanning the cards that you get at every function or just during the course of day-to-day business.  To get the full picture of CardMunch,  visit the website.



OnTime is a mobile productivity app from Ripple Mobile for your iPhone, BlackBerry and at the time of this post will soon be available  for Android phone. OnTime is more than just a mobile calendar, this app keeps track of your meetings, tasks, to-do-list – even local traffic patterns.  All to keep you more productive and always OnTime. Very Cool, huh?

So just how does it work? OnTime creates a mobile link to your Outlook, iCal, Google or other electronic calendar, acting as a companion to your existing calendar and all of your important information travels with you, but unlike any other mobile productivity app, OnTime is powered by your location.

The app leverages all the important appointment information you currently log on your existing calendar platform so there’s no need to learn a new calendar or import information to use the app. It complements your computer-based calendar to increase your mobile productivity. What OnTime does that’s different from other reminder services is it takes into account your current location, the location of your next appointment, and traffic patterns in order to provide you with a more accurate alert. It can essentially become your GPS device.

As it does all of this for you, OnTime will optimize your productivity with turn-by-turn directions to take you to your event or appointment, without you having to look them up, key them into a GPS or print them off.  The directions adjust based on your current location. So if you avoid a highway listed on the turn-by-turn directions to avoid traffic, OnTime adjusts and give you new directions.

Traffic jams are not an issue with OnTime.  It checks traffic databases to determine when you should leave, and if a traffic jam is reported to the database, it will add the appropriate amount of time to your trip before giving you an alert. If a traffic jam occurs while you are driving, then OnTime has the ability to let your appointment know that you are running late with a text, email or one-click phone call and you get to customize the ‘running late’ message every time or use a standard message of your choosing.

When you get to your destination, OnTime gives you the option to share your location to your social media accounts, although I wouldn’t recommend doing that.  Too many times people have been taken advantage of because strangers on one of their social media platforms discover where they are, or where they aren’t.  Thankfully, this particular feature is activated only if you choose it during the setup process.

If you find that getting to appointments, clients, and events on time is a challenge for you, check out this smart phone app to help you do so.


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