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This slide show contains a few highlights from my most recent #productivitychat.


Productivity Chat

March 17th Chat Highlight

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Are you focused for the coming week?

Ready to get focused for the coming week and get to-dos & calendar in order? Now’s the time. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If tomorrow’s calendar and to-do list looks like Friday’s (same stuff) it’s time to do something different #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Name your time wasters

Name your time wasters–big and small. It all adds up. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
10 minutes here, 20 minutes there… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Q1: how much time are you wasting daily and why? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
The average professional wastes 1.5-2 hours every day just looking for things. 7.5-10 hours each week of precious time #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
What’s your biggest time waster? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Something to help you identify your time wasters

Identify your biggest time waster by logging how you spend your time for about a week… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Look to see how you’re spending your time to see if you’re focusing on the things that need your attention #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Use this simple tool to help you log your time and identify your biggest time waster #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Productivity Chat

Highlights From March 3rd #Productivitychat

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Question I posed earlier this week: How much time did you waste in email, looking for things, etc? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Now, we know you most likely wasted time this past week, but probably don’t know how much. Create an estimate #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Once you have the amount of time you wasted, multiply it by your hourly rate (what you charge your clients) #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
That dollar amount is what the time you wasted cost you. Might be painful, but it’s true. Time to get it together #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Fact: The average professional spends about 12.5-15 hours on email each week #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
There is no need to waste time in email–there ARE ways to manage it and control your overflowing inbox… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Get control of your inbox.Use filters, folders and rules to sort email; unsubscribe from lists that don’t serve you… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Stop checking your email as soon as you start your day. Instead focus on a priority task and check email 1.5-2 hours in #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Set designated times to check and reply to email (twice/day is good). Stay focused by closing email when you’re not in it #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Fact: Most professionals spend 1.5-2 hours each day looking for things—in their office, on their computer. Time to GO #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
It’s not necessary to waste time looking for things—time to organize your office space. Find things in < 30 seconds #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Take the dollar amount you came up with and multiply it by 5 (number of work days in the week) Can you say, "ouch"? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Get organized, learn how to manage yourself, stop wasting time and increase productivity and your bottom line! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Productivity Chat

January 27, 2013

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Highlights from January 27th #productivitychat

#productivitychat is starting now. Join us as we talk about your #1 time waster and the remedy for it. Start next week powerfully & on taskSheila Hawkins
Today’s chat is to help you get solutions…especially for that #1 time waster of yours. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
What’s your #1 time waster? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
RT @ThirdEyeGrp: What’s your # 1 time waster and why do you think you have that challenge? #productivitychatLisa Orrell
hello everyone I hope I am not to late #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Thanks for joining the chat! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Take a look at your to-do list and calendar for this week and determine what’s not important and remove it #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Thank you #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
What’s your # 1 time waster? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I use to work on a 12 month calendar now I am beginning to work on a 12 week calendar #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Why did you make that change? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
because I was waiting to get things done until the end of the year. #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
I want to see if I can get my goals completed in the 12 weeks. #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
I read a book by Brain Moran The 12 Week Year. Great Book about 60 pages #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen So that change has you wasting time? Is it that it’s taking some getting used to? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes it does. it does make me more aware of my time and if what I am doing is working towards my goals #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Seems as though it has you focusing on what you’re doing and specifically focused on goals #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp True #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes I have always been goal setting person, sometimes I get on the wrong track. This helps #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Yes, there’s difference between goal setting and goal getting. Often people do get on wrong track #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Were you projecting all of your goals for end of year completion no matter how long they would take? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes, the one I have set for this year. I am trying to keep focus on one or two goals, not 10 goals #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Narrowing your focus works. More concentrated effort yields the results #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Most of a buisness owner years. I would work on three or four tough goals each year. Would get them done, was fustrated. #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
Decided to work smarter not harder #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Yes! Smarter not harder is the way to go. Goals have to be created with a strategy in mind… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
…narrowing the focus makes the effort more concentrated and yields better results #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp True that #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@ThirdEyeGrp Thank you for this chat #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure. Love talking to women Biz owners to see what challenges them w/time #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen I would imagine that once the 12 weeks is up, you can access and see what you’ll focus on later this year #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Sure then you move to your next goal after completing that one or improve on that one. Depends #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Sounds like it would work once you get beyond the learning curve. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Especially since some people wait until the end of the year, or take the entire year to complete goals #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I see that some don’t realize that you can have goals that don’t start at 1st of the year; can start at any time depending #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Usually happens when people will create goals without a strategy in mind. With strategy in play, timing is easy #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen I think your last tweet Q was incomplete?? You asked about ideas… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes I was asking what are some of your ideas for better productivity. #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen The biggest thing is only taking on things that are related to your goals. If not related; not important #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Remove the unimportant things, delegate what you can to free up your time. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Some chase BSOs (bright shiny objects) Instead get a notebook, write down ideas, then put them on your to-do list later… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
This keeps you focused on the task at hand instead of chasing the BSOs and killing your productivity. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Another productivity killer is procrastination. Surface remedies for procrastination don’t work; have to dig deep… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Dig on deeper levels to find the REAL reason for procrastination, only then can it be eliminated for good #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp that is it. Thank you #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen You’re welcome! Thanks so much for chatting. Appreciate you hanging out with me! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Procrastination Annihilation™ 12 week course-dig deep to get to the real reason you put things off #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

#productivitychat takes place on the first and third Sundays of each month. Catch the next one and address your productivity challenges!

Productivity Chat

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Storified by Sheila Hawkins· Mon, Jan 28 2013 10:19:52

Today’s chat is open! If you’re following the chat, introduce yourself…who are you and what do you do? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@AlaiaWilliams What do you do and how’s your to-do list looking? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp I’m a small business operations + organizing consulting. I also produce business networking events #productivitychatAlaia Williams
@AlaiaWilliams Great! What productivity challenges do you face daily? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp for me – prioritizing myself and biz over that of my clients. #productivitychatAlaia Williams
@AlaiaWilliams That is a big challenge for most women. I see it all the time. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Sometimes what women don’t realize is that if we don’t take care of ourselves first, we can’t take care of our fam & biz #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Making self a priority: When you create your calendar the first thing that should go into it are your "me time" & days off #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp very true. I see that in myself but definitely have trouble changing it when it comes to taking action #productivitychatAlaia Williams
@ThirdEyeGrp day off? what’s that? haha. #productivitychatAlaia Williams
@AlaiaWilliams LOL. I used to say that often. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@AlaiaWilliams I have SO been there! It took a while to make the shift too #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Make Yourself  Priority # 1!
You Can’t Take Care of Anything Unless You Take Care of You First.

When I plan my coming year I look at a blank calendar and determine what weeks and days I’m taking off for myself and fam #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step 2: After planning days off, schedule business planning days to coincide with the milestones in your goals #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@AlaiaWilliams Right now, if you don’t have any time off scheduled, make the promise to yourself to schedule it today #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Hi #productivitychatChasing Joy (Arlett)
@Chasing_Joy Hey there! Thanks for joining us. How are you? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Attention ladies: Do you schedule days off and/or "me time" when you plan? Come join us as we discuss it #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
No but I should RT @ThirdEyeGrp: Attention ladies: Do you schedule days off and/or "me time" when you plan? #productivitychatChasing Joy (Arlett)
@Chasing_Joy You’re not by yourself. So many women work for their biz and everything else & don’t include self #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
This is for everyone in the chat and those who see it afterward-SCHEDULE "ME TIME" in your calendar for all of 2013 #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
When you get on a plane the flight attendant tells you to put your mask on first before you help anyone else… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
You can’t take care of anything else or anyone else unless you take care of you first. You must be a priority! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Why Do You Think You Give Other Things Priority Over Yourself?

So ladies @AlaiaWilliams @Chasing_Joy why do you think you put other things and people before yourself? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Do you think not making yourself a priority is something that you learned or is it because there’s so much to do? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp its just with work. I put the clients work ahead of my own and then I fall behind. Im ok on the personal side #productivitychatAlaia Williams
@ThirdEyeGrp i feel like since they are paying me, they are the top priority #productivitychatAlaia Williams
@AlaiaWilliams Got it! Clients are definitely top priority but remember if biz has to stay strong too #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@AlaiaWilliams Ah, okay, so you have to add time to work on your biz, or you could delegate some tasks #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@AlaiaWilliams You can schedule certain days for particular things. ie a day for accounting, writing, blogging, etc… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@AlaiaWilliams …that helps you keep up with everything that needs to be done inside of your business #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@AlaiaWilliams You may only need 1 day to do all internal biz activities. Depends upon the work load. Delegate if you can #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp it can probably be done in a day! #productivitychatAlaia Williams
@AlaiaWilliams Perfect! Choose your day, make it a recurring calendar item and you’re ready to go. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Chasing_Joy Great! So how many days would you like to take for "me time", vacation, etc per year? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
per year I’d like 52, one aweek @ThirdEyeGrp #productivitychatChasing Joy (Arlett)
@chasing_joy Choose your day of the week and add to your calendar. I take part of Fridays at times to lengthen my weekend #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I’m thinking Saturday @ThirdEyeGrp #productivitychatChasing Joy (Arlett)
@Chasing_Joy Once you choose your weekly day off, choose weeks/parts of weeks to have off too #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I need help figuring out which activities to Delegate. #productivitychatChasing Joy (Arlett)
@Chasing_Joy Okay, start with the things don’t have to be done by you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I should make a list RT @ThirdEyeGrp: @Chasing_Joy Okay, start with the things dont have to be done by you #productivitychatChasing Joy (Arlett)
@Chasing_Joy Exactly! If the task doesn’t need your expertise or isn’t confidential, you might be able to delegate it #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Delegate a few things at first, then add more. Let go of everything that you can. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!!

Delegating frees up your time and allows you to focus on the money generating things in your biz #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Two key points:1) Make time for yourself-you are a priority 2) Delegate what you can so that you can do what you do best #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

How Does Your To-Do List Look?

So, how does your to-do list look? Overcrowded and got your frustrated? Not enough time to get it all done? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
How many times do you find yourself spending time on things that are urgent? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Often, people find themselves working on urgent tasks because they don’t plan. They don’t start out urgent.
Get control of your to-do list. Start by look at your to-do list and calendar determine what’s important and what’s not #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Once you figure out what tasks are important and which aren’t, you can start eliminating things from your to-do list… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
They don’t have to be done, just eliminated or placed farther out or delegated so that you can focus on what’s important #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp procrastination is a real killer! #productivitychatAlaia Williams
@AlaiaWilliams Yes, that’s one of the biggest challenges I see with my clients. It is the thief of time. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@AlaiaWilliams The key to eliminating procrastination is getting down to the REAL reason you do see #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Procrastination is one of the biggest challenges I see with my clients

I’m late to the party @ThirdEyeGrp distractions and procrastination are my monsters. #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
@ecfcreative Hey Claudette! Glad to see you. Bright shiny objects are usually are challenging for creative folks like you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ecfcreative Those are the most popular distractions I see with creative people, especially those who are really gifted #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp yes they are-my forever moving brain always thinks I should just take a moment and do this or that #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
@ecfcreative Get a notebook and keep it w/you while you work. Instead of following the BSO, write the idea down… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
BSO? #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
@ecfcreative BSO= Bright Shiny Object 🙂 #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ecfcreative …at the end of the day/week get the ideas into your calendar. This keeps you focused w/o losing ideas #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Aaah okay – I can def see using a notebook to capture ideas. I’ve downloaded note apps to cell & Kindle #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
Strange for me @ThirdEyeGrp is I do better at delegating business duties that home duties, that’s where distractions are #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
Not sure any of others on chat today have this, but I struggle with not picking up a task I’ve delegated. #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman

Do You Get Distracted Working From Home?

@ecfcreative Distractions are with home duties? Is it working at home that presents the challenge? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ecfcreative if so, create a list of rules to abide by during work hours for you and household members. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I think part is working at home. I can say I forgot this & get up and do it. Or I need to do this and get up & do it. #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
@ecfcreative It’s like out of sight out of mind. Place follow up times/dates in your calendar & ask for status updates too #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ecfcreative Allow that to be part of your biz systems so things don’t fall through the cracks #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Think I need to check my resources & use better. DELEGATION is my word for next the month. Mastering it I think is key. #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
@ecfcreative Delegation is a beautiful thing! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Delegation is something I will definitely need to master to move forward in productivity and profitability. #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
@ecfcreative Delegation is key when it comes to increasing productivity and positively impacting your bottom line #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ecfcreative Then rules are the solution. I had to do that when I started working at home. Determine work & home hours… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ecfcreative Once you determine that, make your rules. One 4 me was no interruptions; ask during breaks only #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ecfcreative If no one’s at home w/you during work hours, the rules will be for you only and maybe some for them when home #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Thanks for the advice @ThirdEyeGrp. It’s appreciated. #productivitychatE Claudette Freeman
@ecfcreative You are quite welcome! Always my pleasure. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Oh…don’t forget, I have a gift for those who joined the chat today. I’ll send it via DM #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Cool! RT @ThirdEyeGrp: Oh…dont forget, I have a gift for those who joined the chat today. Ill send it via DM #productivitychatChasing Joy (Arlett)
Okay, it’s time to wrap things up. As I mentioned I’ll send the gift via DM to all those who participated today… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
My "What Matters Most" eBook will take you through step by step process for cleaning up your to-do list & gaining control #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Thanks @ThirdEyeGrp #productivitychatChasing Joy (Arlett)
@Chasing_Joy My pleasure always! LOVE what I do. Thank you for being here. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
FYI this chat will take place on the 1st & 3rd Sunday each month. Hope that you all will join me again. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

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