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Now, you’ve heard me say before that you can’t actually get more time, which is true. You have 1,440 minutes every day and you aren’t going to get any more no matter how hard you wish for or dream of having it. Not to mention the fact that time isn’t real, it’s a concept so you can’t get more of something that doesn’t really exist.

What you can do though is make some steps to get back the time that you’re wasting right now and to make better investments of your time. Click the play button and check out this episode of  Time & Space on Own Your Power Radio. I’m giving you seven ways you can find more time.

CluelessBizWomanI’m going to talk about the things that you never knew about time. The things that no one ever told you. The things that keep you stuck and unproductive. Let’s start with the fact that no one ever told you anything about getting and staying organized or managing yourself around time. We are taught many things when we’re young but these two things are just not in the mix, so unless you have a natural disposition toward these things and have these abilities, you don’t have a clue and nine times out of ten, your latter school life and professional life suffer. Right now, if you still haven’t figured it out, your business is suffering.

You learned how to tell time but didn’t learn about time, you just basically picked up what others knew via osmosis. What you came to know was that time runs the show. You learned that by watching everybody else under its rule and you did the same thing. Time is running the show and you’ve given all of your power over to it.

What people don’t realize is that time isn’t real. It doesn’t exist! The only thing that makes time real is the agreement around it among those using it that it’s real. Time is something that man created to help understand and comprehend the physical world as he sees it in his every day experience. But here you are, trying to manage it. Something that doesn’t even exist. Maybe now it’s easy to see why you wrestle so much with getting things done.

Something else that you don’t know is that productivity isn’t about anything outside of or separate from you. It doesn’t happen with that linear approach to time or the one size fits all boxed solutions or remedies. It starts with you. When it comes to getting things done, you have to be at the core of it all.

These are just a few of the things that you don’t know about time, but now you do. Now it’s time to step back and take a look at things through a different point of view to see what the landscape really looks like and create your own personalized way of dealing with time and getting things done. You can learn more by continuing to read articles here on my blog and by visiting my website. If you’re ready to take that step, book your Zen Day or Deep Dive session with me now.


assorted_toolsThere are many things that contribute to your overall success. When it comes to being productive there are some primary keys that you need in place to make it all happen. When people start their businesses, the one thing they don’t think about is the process and support for getting things done. They think about location if they are a brick and mortar establishment, or if they need office space; they think about funding, marketing and a laundry list of other things, but they don’t think about what they need to get things done. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not have things in place to support your productivity.

Here I’m going to share with you a few primary things that you need to have in your productivity tool kit.

The first thing you want in your productivity tool kit is a list of your goals. If you don’t know where you’re going, how in the world are you getting there? How you create your goals is important. If you know me, you know that I don’t do things the “normal” way. Create your goals from a space of power by exploring the experiences you want to have and how you want to feel. Set your intentions and then create your SMART goals from there. Not having written goals with a plan to carry them out, and no action steps in your calendar to execute them is a great way to get nowhere fast.

The next thing you want in your productivity tool kit are systems! Create systems for your marketing, social media, accounting, sales, client and contact management, inventory if that’s applicable and don’t forget a time management system!

Habits will make or break you, so you’ve got to ensure that you have habits that support you. Don’t get into labeling your habits “good” or “bad”. They just are what they are and they either support you or they don’t.

You can’t get where you’re doing without help. We all need it whether it’s from time to time, with certain tasks or projects or ongoing. Get your team members in place. If your budget doesn’t allow for paid staff members or a VA, then look at setting up internships for college students who need the experience and time and have the talents that you’re looking for to get the job done.

This next tool might be something you may not associate with being productive, but I’m here to tell you that it most certainly is! There is absolutely no way you can serve others when you are not fully charged. That means stepping away from things and getting some regular down time; the me time that you so crave but never get. Stop giving to things and other people without first giving to yourself. You’ll notice that I said “first”.  You have to come first. Period. End of story.

Finally, you have to have self-knowledge.  Know how you personally relate to time. Time doesn’t even exist, so you’ve got to have an understanding of what it really is and how to deal with it based on your Productivity Persona™. That gives you the info you need to choose your personal productivity tool, how to set up your time management system and how to approach getting things done. Knowledge is power!


Gavel & Hour GlassWhen you step back and look at how highly productive people pull it off, you see commonalities across the board. Here I’m going to share my three most important rules for productive people. My list of rules is longer, but these are three of my top rules in my Time Wielder’s™ rule book.

Rule #1: Know your Productivity Persona™ and act accordingly- Let me ask you right now, what do you know about yourself that impacts your approach to getting things done? Do you see the role that your personality plays? Do you have a system in place that was created based upon your personality? Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you probably don’t. This is the place to start to gain your new perspective, learn how your personality plays a role when it comes to time, and the pieces that you need to create your own personalized system so that you can get things done and move forward with what you’re up to in the world. Your Productivity Persona™ is the key to discovering how to make time work for you and your own way of getting things done.

Rule #2: Know and stick to your priorities-On a daily basis you have to know what your priorities are and act accordingly. When you don’t know what your priorities are you end up wasting time trying to figure out what to do first, decide what goes on your agenda and you end up adding things that don’t deserve your time. Create your priorities and know undoubtedly what they are. You can get clues about them by looking at your values and how your values flow into your work. Create your list and be sure to prioritize your goals and projects. If you prioritize your goals and projects, you don’t have to figure out the priority of the tasks related to them. Each task gets its priority from the related project or goal. This allows you to schedule your priorities instead of prioritizing your schedule.

Rule #3: Establish your morning ritual-One thing that’s common among highly productive people is that they begin their days early and their mornings include meditation, a workout and a healthy breakfast. My idea of healthy is a green smoothie or something else vegan. You’d be surprised at the boost that it will give you. Add these to your morning ritual. When it’s time to shift into work mode, do so consciously. Look at the day you’ve planned so that you know what’s up for the day is and note your top three priorities for the day. Establishing your morning ritual will definitely have a positive impact on your day.


Woman Meditating OutdoorsSome see mediation as contemplation or reflection, but meditation is much more than this. It’s a state of thoughtless awareness and of deep peace. That state occurs when your mind is silent, but completely alert. It’s not something that you do, but rather a way of being that leads to inner transformation and a higher level of awareness.

When we look at the results that meditation yields we see that there are numerous physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure, increased immunity and reduced pain to name a few. There are also the mental benefits. Studies have shown that regular meditation leads to increased focus. It enables you to pay closer attention to detail, due to the fact that it helps increase the gray matter of the brain. It also increases memory skills and your attention span which all ultimately contribute to increased productivity.

When meditation is in the mix, the mind becomes sharpened through the focus it gains and it expands. It’s possible to have a sharp mind but without that expansion, you end up with the tension and stress that so many experience on a daily basis. Having the expansion of consciousness without the sharpness leads to a lack of action on not only a daily basis, but overall contributing to lack of progress.

Besides all of the other bonuses that meditation affords you, it leads to improved creativity which we all know comes in quite handy in business. This happens because the right side of the brain works actively when you meditate regularly.  That side of the brain is responsible for creating new ideas. That’s how some not so creative people, such as myself, are able to be creative.

Usually when people come to me to learn how to increase their productivity, they’re surprised at my approach. Who would think that you could do so by including meditation in your daily routine? It might seem a bit odd, but I’m here to tell you that it’s true.  Meditation helps boost your productivity. It’s just one part of my holistic approach to getting things done.


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