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26709126 Year 2016 is ComingWhat I see on a regular basis is women going through their days fed up, stressed out and pressed for time. Many people were experiencing that frustration at the end of the year, and although we’ve crossed over into a new year, the frustration remains. Typically, when you cross over into a new year, you have great aspirations and big goals you want to accomplish, but there’s this thing that keeps you from it, making it take even longer for you to get from point A to point B.

Being caught up in all there is to do doesn’t help your quest and it doesn’t line up with the energy of having a nice, fresh new year to dive into. You’re being pulled in multiple directions, you have no idea where your time is going and the pressure is on, causing chaotic disorganized days. To make matters worse, your calendar looks like an over-stuffed closet and you have 101 things hanging out in the most dangerous place in the world—your head.

We’re at the start of a new year and if this is the way things are in your world right now it’s time to take the reins. You’ve got an entire year ahead of you, new goals and dreams to follow so now is the time to take the steps to empower yourself. Empowering yourself means learning exactly where your time is going, realizing what things are wasting your time, and knowing what kinds of things are interrupting your flow every day. You can do each of these by tracking your time for about five days. Each day when you start a task, write it down. While you work, keep track of the interruptions you get and how long you work on each thing. Be sure to note the level of importance for the items you work on. It might seem a tedious, but detailing everything you do will give you access to some great information once the five days is up. Once you’re done tracking you do you can see what things are actually getting your time, the kinds of interruptions that come into play and whether or not you’re focusing on the things that will help you accomplish those goals you created. The information you get out of this process is gold because you have to be able to know what’s really going on so you can address the problems.

It’s time for a clean slate and a new way of operating. Take the reins and take control of your days and your year by equipping yourself to have a better day-to-day experience and actually get things done, achieve the goals and dreams you created for this year. Tracking your time is one step in taking the reins. Get your time log here and discover where your time is going.


The way you start each day sets the tone for it, and likewise, the way you start your year sets the tone for the months ahead. What you have to determine is how you want your year to be and set the stage accordingly. How do you want your year to start? What are you creating in the coming year? Don’t let the way the last year started or ended up discourage you and above all, don’t beat yourself up about the things that you didn’t accomplish. Acknowledge the experience, what you learned from it and let it go so that you can move on.

Create the space you want to live from this coming year and fill it with what you need to move into and through it. Create your goals from the space of the experiences you want to have this year then get focused, commit to them and determine how you’re going to move forward. Start the year with focus and preparation. Sadly, only 8% of people actually achieve what they aim for every year. One reason they do is because of the tone they set at the beginning of it all.

The first 100 days of the year is a crucial period and your entire year rides on it. If you don’t prepare and set the tone and the stage for your year, what’s it going to look like? Will you be well on your way to the income that you want to make this year or another goal that you’ve set or will you be feeling like you didn’t get started right and wanting a do-over and have an excuse for why you haven’t started to forge the path toward the summit?

Excuses and regret aren’t going to cut it so it’s time to stop making them and let them go. Map out your first 100 days of the new year, make the commitment and dive in so deep that you can’t help but get the results you want. If you’ve never done this before, now is the time to start. If you want different results, you’ve got to do something different and take on new ways of being. Before you move on to something else, break out a pad of paper and take 10 minutes to think about what you want to create for the coming year; the experiences you want to have and how that might look. Then you’ll have a place to create your goals from. What will the first 100 days of 2016 look like for you?


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