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Habit 5-Seek FirstHabit number 5 of highly effective people is Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. This calls for completely listening to another person’s concerns and not giving advice before you understand a person and their situation. Communication is key, more importantly, it’s how you communicate that’s key and it’s necessary when it comes to building relationships and working with others to get things done. With communication being so important you have to operate in a different manner when you talk to people.

How important is it for you to listen to your clients? I know that I really have to listen to people when they talk and I have to come from a place that allows me to really hear what they’re saying. Listening in that way allows me to hear things that they aren’t telling me. It allows me to be able to get an understanding of the things that are hindering them and to draw conclusions about how they’re operating. Are you listening to your clients to hear what’s said and remains unsaid? Listening with the intent of understanding allows you to see what’s really going on and to respond accordingly.

Be Proactive

Habit 1-Be ProactiveYou’re probably familiar with Stephen Covey’s first habit, “Be Proactive”. Being proactive means taking responsibility for every aspect of your life.  As hard as that might be, it means being responsible for how everything looks right now, including your lack of productivity and organization. The reason for your space being disorganized and contributing to your lower level of productivity is irrelevant inside of taking responsibility. What’s important is that you own up to it. That’s the first step in shifting gears to change things.

When you’re proactive, you control your environment and your circumstances instead of having them control you. Once you do, the initiative and taking action will then follow and you go from being challenged when it comes to being productive and not being in control, to having command over your space and your circumstances. Being proactive helps put you back in the driver’s seat. From that place you determine what happens, not anyone else. From the driver’s seat your life doesn’t just happen to you; you make it happen. Start this week off by choosing to be proactive and watch the shift begin for you.


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