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During one of my internet searches I discovered Organisemee, a cloud based task management application.  Organisemee hit the scene in 2010 with the purpose of helping people manage tasks and to support on the “how to” get them done efficiently.

You enter tasks and any additional information you’d like into Organisemee and can structure your them by lists or projects. Tasks can be filtered by priority or by due date, so only tasks due before a certain date are shown, which allows you to focus on the task which needs to be executed next instead of looking at everything there is to do.  You can also define individual rankings of your tasks for every list or project and the application also lets you delegate tasks to others.

You can collaborate by finding your colleagues or VA in Organisemee and become contacts, then have the ability to delegate tasks to your contacts – and vice versa.  Tasks that are accepted become part of your lists, just like your own tasks.  You can also exchange messages assigned to a specific task, to align yourself with your contact.

Reminders definitely help keep things moving and Organisemee gives you the capability to set multiple reminders before and on the due date. You can receive reminders via eMail or as SMS on your mobile phone up to three times a day.

Since it’s internet based, you can access the application from anywhere with your PC, laptop or netbook.  There’s also a mobile version of the site so that you can manage things from the palm of your hand.  Currently the company is working on mobile phone apps for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone.  For more info on Organisemee, visit the website at www.organisemee.com or access the mobile site at m.organisemee.com


About three months ago I purchased my BlackBerry PlayBook and I have to say that I fell in love instantly.  Not only is it sleek looking and appealing to the senses, it provides exactly what I need to stay productive on the go.  I can leave my laptop behind, grab my PlayBook and keep things moving all day long while in or out of the office.  The biggest bonus for me is that I don’t have to be somewhere that allows me access to a wireless network to have access to the internet.  Now that’s a beautiful thing!

BlackBerry Bridge can be used  to connect a PlayBook with a BlackBerry smartphone to access work email, calendar, BlackBerry Messenger, files and other data directly on the tablet while maintaining your work environment’s existing level of security.  This nifty little app lets you see whatever is on your BlackBerry smartphone on your PlayBook tablet.  The new 2.0 software allows a BlackBerry smartphone to be used as a wireless keyboard and mouse to control a PlayBook remotely and wirelessly.  You can also opt for a mini keyboard if you like.

Built-in messages lets you quickly and easily manage email and social network messages with a unified inbox.  Messaging is super easy with inline editing and the ability to use bold, underlining and italics, just as you would directly from your email program.

The newsreels feature and a people view of the day included in the calendar gives you info about those on your calendar and the contacts app acts more like a social hub, gathering information from your social networks (Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn) to give you a complete profile of your contacts.

It’s easy to connect with clients and colleagues with the video chat from PlayBook to PlayBook that allows you to continue to use other apps while you’re chatting. Oh, and did I mention that this tablet has 2 cameras?  That’s right–front and rear facing HD cameras.

The Documents To Go feature lets you view and edit your MS Word, Excel and Power Point docs.  You can also print from your desktop or laptop to your PlayBook with Print To Go.

If security is a concern, not to worry.  The operating system is designed from the ground up to be resilient and secure.  The PlayBook was the first tablet to achieve FIPS 140-2 certification, making it trusted by governments and other organizations for which security is of the utmost importance.

These are just a few of the great features and conveniences that this tool affords you to help keep your day and your company moving.  PlayBook brings together the best of BlackBerry communications, powerful productivity tools and your favorite apps, along with collaboration and communication tools to help you make the most out of every opportunity.  If you’re looking for a tool that can help you get it done, BlackBerry Playbook is the one.  Click to learn more about BlackBerry PlayBook and its features.

As promised, this post will give you some insight on digital tools.  If digital tools fit your time management personality you have a host of tools to choose from. You have Palm Pilots, BlackBerry’s along with an array of handheld computers and mobile phones to choose from.  Both will help you manage your time with the calendar and task list features.  It will also let you store and manage your contact list and even write and save handwritten notes to yourself.  Some of the higher end models serve as a PDA and mobile phone and will also let you manage your email.

With BlackBerry you can access up to 10 email accounts-not that I recommend anyone have 10 different email accounts.  You can also manage your media files, access the internet and get maps and directions on a BlackBerry and have hundreds of apps to choose from.

Digital tools can be synchronized with your laptop or desktop and you can print what ever you choose from each.  These two features are great if you have an assistant or someone who needs to access your schedule or other information.  They can do so from your computer or from what you’ve printed, provided that you keep your computer updated and print the updated information.

Digital tools offer you the ability to search for information quickly, group and rearrange tasks and easily back up.  Of course, as with any great thing there are some disadvantages.  You can only view one screen at a time and for some, archived information is not easily referenced.

Now, as far as purchasing a PDA, you can find some handhelds at your favorite office supply store, but before you venture out, do your homework to see the various models available and the features that each tool has. If you’re interested in a mobile phone option, check with your mobile service provider to see which models they carry.  Not everyone carries each model and some may be exclusive to particular providers.  Choose a tool that gives you the features that you need, learn how to use each of them and optimize its use.

Now that you have information on paper and digital tools available to you, you can choose your time management tool.  Make your choice based upon your time management personality.  If you don’t know what your time management personality is, take time to discover it. Once again, I invite you to check out my Personalizing Time Management audio series to go through that process, learn the other elements of a solid time management system and set it up.


The number of people using Smart Phones has significantly increased in the last year.  Do you have a Smart Phone?  If you do, are you being as smart as the phone?  Smart Phones are well equipped to support us in all that we do, but some times we don’t remember that.  Instead we let the things we store in them become a source for stress with long lists, backed up email e-mail and incomplete tasks.

Don’t forget that these Smart tools are the tools that make our lives easier and
stress free, but they can’t do it all by themselves.  You have to be a part of that process.  If you’ve got a Smart Phone and you’re still stressed over what’s on your agenda, then it’s time for you to sit down and take the time to grasp hold of that wonderful tool in your possession.  Utilize it to help organize all of the aspects of your life.  That’s what it’s meant for.  Learn about all its features and put each of them to use so that you can stay on top of the game and remain stress free.

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