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Time Out!

TimeOut-WomansHandsNo matter where in the world you live, or at what time of year the summer happens in your hemisphere, it’s the opportunity to take time out.  Everyone looks forward to summer because it means goodbye to work and school, at least for a portion of the season.  It means putting your feet up and relaxing, days at the beach and making time for the things that you don’t make enough time to do during the rest of the year.

So many people only use the summer and vacation time to take a load off and for the rest of the year they go full speed ahead, all cylinders firing, not even making the time to take breaks during the day.  If you’re in the habit of stopping during the course of your work day to take a quick break,  you know that short period of time gives your mind and your body the break that they need and also allows you return to the task at hand with a clear and fresh mind, rejuvenated and ready to go.

Just like the quick 10-15 minute or lunch break will help to revive and rejuvenate you, so will time off from work.  If you’re not in the habit of taking time off, it’s time to start. Be in the habit of taking a day, two days or a week off at least a few times a year.  You don’t have to go anywhere, just catch some R&R and make the time to be good to yourself.  The habit will support you in being at your top productivity level and your mind and body will appreciate it too.  When I work with clients on planning their year’s activities, the first thing I have them determine is when they will take time off for themselves in addition to the existing holidays and vacations with family and those dates get plugged in first before any work related items hit their calendar.  If you don’t know when your next time out is, look at your calendar right now and determine when you’re going to make it happen.  It can be just a day off work to do something special that you want to do, or just to spend time home alone when no one else is there.  Trust me, it will work wonders for you!

When was the last time you a break from it all?  Before summer is over and you get back to your usual routine, schedule your days off for the rest of the year.  It will revitalize you and have you ready for a fresh start when it’s time to get back to work.  Taking breaks is a necessary part of life.  Time out isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.


Football2The end of March is upon us and it’s also the end of the first quarter. Time is flying by so quickly it can literally make your head spin. At this point with three months of the year gone, it’s time to see where you are. Are you in possession of the ball?

In football, specific rules govern what happens at the end of each quarter of the game. The rules affect team position, possessions, timing and breaks. You can say that the same happens in life. At the beginning of the year you had the opportunity for a fresh start. If you accepted the opportunity to create new things in your life and set your business goals, you might have created a plan or attempted to move things forward in some way. Maybe you had the ball and lost possession of it somewhere along the way to this point and you don’t know how, or maybe you never even had the ball to begin with.

Either way, the end of the first quarter is the time to take a short break, just like the two minute break at the end of the first quarter of a football game. Use this short time to assess where you are. What things had you planned to complete by this point in time and are they done? Are you in possession of the ball or did you fumble somewhere along the way? If you dropped the ball or didn’t even pick it up to begin with, it’s okay. The question for you now is what are you going to do? Are you going to pick up the ball and play the rest of the game and give it everything you’ve got to get that win, or are you going to continue as you are now?

If you’re going to pick up the ball and run with it you’ve got to know which way you’re going and why. Map out your plan or your plays for the rest of the game, making sure you know what kind of resources and support you’ll need along the way. Think about the things that might tackle you along your way down the field to the end zone and determine how you’re going to deal with them if they come up. Set deadlines and action dates according to those deadlines and get someone to hold you accountable. Get the deadline and action dates into your calendar, put your helmet back on and get back in the game!


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