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Can you believe that we are almost half way through the first month of 2014 already?! I hope that you have set the wheels moving in your business because, in case you didn’t know… what you do in during the month of January will determine the course and the altitude of your success over the next year. Have you started the year strong?

As usual, this year I spent some time over the last few weeks talking to solopreneurs and a few colleagues about the barriers that kept them from meeting and exceeding their goals in 2013. What I learned was that a lot of the barriers and habits were consistent across the board. These conversations have inspired a training series that will expose and extinguish these habits.

We all know how habits will make or break you, and it’s really easy to have habits that don’t support you. In business that’s not a good thing. Whether supportive or not so supportive, habits are a prime factor in what leads you to being effective or not.  They make the difference when it comes to getting things done and your overall success. Your effectiveness is a measurement that is determined by you. Marva Collins said, “Excellence is not an act, but a habit.  The things you do the most are the things that you do the best.”  Business success depends upon the habits of individuals. Do you have habits that you need to leave behind with 2013? What habits do you want to create for this year to make 2014 your best business year yet?

I have partnered with over 50 leading business coaches and trainers to develop a 7-Part Teleconference Series that will help you do just that – “7 Habits To Leave Behind In 2013”. The series kicks off tonight, January 14, 2014 at 9pm EST with the first habit: STOP Being The World’s Best Kept Secret. We’ll be talking about the secrets to becoming a PR, Branding and Marketing Rock star! The best part is that there is NO CHARGE to sign up for this series. All that you need to do is register to receive the dial in number and access to the Facebook group at www.JoinSheila.com. You only need to register once to get free access to each of the future sessions.

Here’s a schedule with the topics:

  • Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 9pm EST: STOP Being The World’s Best Kept Secret
  • Thursday Jan 16, 2014 9PM EST: STOP Staying Busy & Staying Broke
  • Thursday Jan 23, 2014 9PM EST: STOP Wasting Time Because Time is MONEY
  • Thursday Jan 30, 2014 9PM EST: STOP Limiting Your Territory
  • Thursday Feb 6, 2014 9PM EST: STOP Letting Fear Keep You From Launching Your New Business, Product, Service, Book Project, Event or Non-Profit
  • Wednesday Feb 12, 2014 9PM EST: STOP Engaging in Risky Business
  • Thursday Feb 13, 2014 9PM EST: STOP Lacking Clarity, Focus & Balance

Don’t forget to register at www.JoinSheila.com to receive the dial in details and access to the Facebook Group so that you can network with other business owners.  Come join us and get the wheels of your business moving so that you can create B.I.G. business habits for 2014!


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With the start of the new year most business owners are aiming for big results. If you’re looking to go B.I.G. in the new year, looking to Build Integrate and Grow your business, the B.I.G. Business Conference is the place to do just that! The 2014 B.I.G. Business Conference is poised to be one of the BIGGEST events for entrepreneurs this year. This is a virtual and LIVE conference that will allow you to participate in interactive sessions from the comfort of your home or office.  You will be able to access these sessions from your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile device.

The conference creator has gathered over 50 of the BEST business coaches and trainers, (including yours truly) who are committed to helping you achieve BIG results in your business.  Over a 30-day period, you will have access to some of the best and brightest minds that represent all areas of business. The conference sessions are focused on helping you build, integrate and grow your business.

Build-This track is geared towards aspiring entrepreneurs and newly-formed businesses.  These topics will help you organize your ideas, develop a winning mindset and build a business with a solid foundation.

Integrate-This track is designed for businesses that are looking for innovative ways to integrate technology.  This track focuses on the essentials tools needed to market, automate and grow any business.

Grow-This track provides strategies that established businesses can use to move beyond where they are today.  The topics in this track will challenge you to begin to think differently.

During the conference you will participate in the interactive sessions via the industry’s most user-friendly and reliable virtual conferencing technology.  You will hear the presenters, see their screens and slides, interact by being able to ask questions and have the opportunity to network with other conference attendees.  It will be just as if you have grabbed a front row seat in the traditional conference room.  Special care has been taken to ensure that you will receive a full and enriching conference experience, without the exorbitant investment of travel time and cost.

Visit the conference website and check out the conference tracks and session topics. While you’re there get your B.I.G. Business Conference launch gifts before they’re gone. Head over to www.SheilaGoesBIG.com to check it all out right now!


businesswoman on hurryRecently I had a need to reach out to a few people who provide graphic and branding services.  I did my homework as usual then narrowed down my list before making connections.  I have to say that what I thought was just my normal process didn’t exactly yield what I was looking for.  My usual experience is that when I reach out, people reply to my email or return my phone call.  That is not what happened.

I sent two emails on Sunday afternoon because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make the call on Monday given how my day looked.  Between Tuesday and Wednesday I made calls to three other resources, and didn’t reach any of them but left my number and email address with details as to the reason for my call.  I heard back from absolutely no one.  Needless to say by Thursday I was pretty frustrated and wondering if I should start my process over again and reach out to others on the original list I had made.  On Friday I was able to connect with one of the people I had emailed to find out that it had been a crazy week for her, which was the reason for her not getting back to me.  That was two weeks ago and you know that none of the others ever connected with me.  These days people are so caught up in things, they don’t even know which way is up and aren’t able to manage themselves.

Clearly, these folks are in a position where they aren’t running their business, their business is running them.  The observation from that experience is that so many business owners have full plates and clearly are struggling to manage it all.  But if you are struggling to manage yourself, how are you serving your clients?  I mean, really, not even a quick reply to an email or returning a phone call, seriously?   If you’re in a space where you can’t even return a phone call then it’s definitely time to do something different. Not being able to respond doesn’t give people the greatest impression of you, especially potential clients.  How is your business going to survive if you aren’t able to manage communications well?

Now, I get that many are a one-woman show–I am too for that matter, but there is such a thing as putting measures in place to give you the necessary support to run your business and actually be of service instead of flying by the seat of your pants. If you are struggling to manage it all, get some systems in place to support you.  Stop the madness! Some hear the word “system” a either panic or just tune out altogether.  Systems aren’t complicated.  Did you hear me?  Well, let me say it again…systems are not complicated.  People make them complicated.  A system is simply a series of processes, the tools to support the processes and the people to perform the tasks.  That’s it, three components and nothing more.  A good communications system contains the well thought out processes, tools and people to manage incoming email, calls and ongoing communication with existing clients, colleagues and vendors.  If you’re a one-woman show, take a step back and make the time to create your communications system and implement it ASAP.  If you can’t be the one to handle everything find a solution for it.  It can be as simple as an automated reply that lets people know that you’ll get back to them within 24 hours, passing the email on to a virtual assistant to handle, or having a VA handle your email allowing you to reply to those that only you can address.

I think that you’ll agree that communication is vital in any situation and if you’re dropping the ball with your clients, you’re setting yourself up for an epic fail.  One that can be difficult to recover from.  How you manage your business impacts your reputation as well as your bottom line.  I’m sure that if you’ve had the type of experience that I had or a similar one, you wouldn’t want to do business with those particular folks because, like me, you can anticipate what your experience of working with them would be like just from the initial experience you had of them. Bottom line, either you’re running your business or your business is running you.  If you’re looking for some help to jump start the process in creating your communications system, get my complimentary Key Business Systems package here.


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