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Dart & GoalsWhen it comes to creating goals right from the start people lack clarity. Clarity is everything. Like driving down the road, if you can’t see or if you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get there. Be very clear about what you want and where you’re going. The “how” isn’t an issue, just get clear and create the vision and experience it. Go beyond seeing it. Hear the things that you would hear inside of the vision you’re creating; the conversations that would take place…experience your vision through all of your senses.

The second reason is making the mistake of making a resolution and confusing it with a goal, or creating goals that are incomplete and doing so from a space that doesn’t give you any power. Resolutions are fine, but they don’t have the muscle to endure the time it will take to see them through and they’re missing a few things. Typically when people create goals they’re not detailed, there’s no way to measure them to see if you’re on track  to reach them or even too far-fetched. They’re not relevant and they have no time assigned to them.

You want to create your goals from a space of power, which means that you have to begin with a much different approach. If you’ve listened to any of my radio shows or read more of my posts, you’ve heard this already, but I’m going to repeat it. Dump what you’ve learned or might have been taught about creating goals and start with your intention. What do you want to create? It might be that what you’ve resolved to do or your resolution is your intention. Then move on to thinking about the experiences you want to have. Once you know what these things are, you can create your goals. This process has you be truly connected to what you create and it empowers you.

Finally, you’re set up to fail due to your lack of commitment. The Law of Commitment governs the manifestation of your goals.  You have to actually want to manifest what you say you want to manifest in order for it to show up.  That sounds pretty obvious, but what you may not realize is that although you say you’re committed to what you want, at times there’s something lurking in the background, behind what you say you’re committed to.  In that space you may find stronger, unconscious commitments that you didn’t know existed.  Start digging to see what you’re really committed to.

Each of these reasons are connected. With clarity you can set your intention, determine experiences and set your goals and then make the commitment necessary to pull it all off. Keep in mind that these are just 3 things to be aware of, the entire process is more involved, but take the steps and get started.


Woman Meditating OutdoorsSome see mediation as contemplation or reflection, but meditation is much more than this. It’s a state of thoughtless awareness and of deep peace. That state occurs when your mind is silent, but completely alert. It’s not something that you do, but rather a way of being that leads to inner transformation and a higher level of awareness.

When we look at the results that meditation yields we see that there are numerous physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure, increased immunity and reduced pain to name a few. There are also the mental benefits. Studies have shown that regular meditation leads to increased focus. It enables you to pay closer attention to detail, due to the fact that it helps increase the gray matter of the brain. It also increases memory skills and your attention span which all ultimately contribute to increased productivity.

When meditation is in the mix, the mind becomes sharpened through the focus it gains and it expands. It’s possible to have a sharp mind but without that expansion, you end up with the tension and stress that so many experience on a daily basis. Having the expansion of consciousness without the sharpness leads to a lack of action on not only a daily basis, but overall contributing to lack of progress.

Besides all of the other bonuses that meditation affords you, it leads to improved creativity which we all know comes in quite handy in business. This happens because the right side of the brain works actively when you meditate regularly.  That side of the brain is responsible for creating new ideas. That’s how some not so creative people, such as myself, are able to be creative.

Usually when people come to me to learn how to increase their productivity, they’re surprised at my approach. Who would think that you could do so by including meditation in your daily routine? It might seem a bit odd, but I’m here to tell you that it’s true.  Meditation helps boost your productivity. It’s just one part of my holistic approach to getting things done.


AbstractClockEverything you are and that you will become is determined by the way you think, your perception of time and how you use it, so says Brian Tracy, and I concur.  So many people squander time without even giving it a second thought, paying it no attention whatsoever.  But, of course, people say that they never have enough time.  Newsflash: You aren’t going to get any more time!  Truth be told, there is always enough time, it’s your perception of it and how you use it that makes the difference when it comes to getting things done.

When it comes to time management, there is no “one size fits all” or boxed solution.  The key to your productivity is inside of you. When you look within for solutions and become aware of the laws that govern time, it helps you make a massive shift in how you relate to time and you get the results that you’re looking for when it comes to productivity.

Stop and think about how you view time.  How do you see it? Do you have your own perception of it, or is your perception a reflection of what you learned as a child?  Something that you accepted at face value instead of questioning what you were taught?  If you’re like most people, you’ve accepted what you’ve been taught and never questioned anything about time.  If you find yourself challenged when it comes to productivity, it might be time for you to take a look at this whole time thing and see what’s really there.

As you look at how you view time, consider that there are laws that govern time.  There are a number of such laws, but I’m going to share three primary ones with you here. If you’ve been around for a while here on my blog or if you’ve been a client, you’ve probably heard me say that you must have clarity.  Without clarity, there is no vision and without vision you can’t get where you expect to get.  The only thing you can expect is to spin your wheels.  The clearer you are about your goals, the more efficient and effective you can be in achieving them and you’ll get there much faster than someone who doesn’t have that clarity.

The law of priorities says that your ability to set priorities when it comes to your time determines the quality of your life.  When you’re clear about your priorities you never have to guess at what comes next or about what goes onto your agenda, because you already know whether something fits or not.  If you look at your agenda right now, can you say that the items you see are all priority items?  Now, they don’t all have to be top priority, but what you see should be one of your priorities.

Finally, there’s the law of planning.  Over the years I’ve heard people say that planning is a waste of time, and I’m here to tell you that it’s simply not true.  Planning is an investment of your time and actually saves you time when it comes to execution.  Every minute that you invest in your plan gives you ten on the other end when it comes to execution.  In addition to saving yourself that time, you also get the return on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capital that you invest.  Not to mention the fact that with planning you get to contemplate the obstacles that may come up and decipher solutions for managing them should they arise.

These are just three of the laws that govern time, but they should get you off to a good start as you begin to look at how your view time.  If you take that closer look and see that your perception of time is one that was handed down to you, take a deeper look to see what’s truly there when it comes to time.  Question what you’ve learned and start looking at the concept in depth.  Perception is everything.  Your future and everything that you become is impacted by how you view time and how you use it.


First things first, you must have a clear vision before you can do anything else.  Without it, you’re stuck.  When your vision is clear everything starts rolling in the direction of what you want to create.  Everything is born out of your vision which is why it’ so important, and whether you realize it or not, it’s a crucial part of the planning process. Without clarity, you have no vision and without vision, there is no growth.

At times, you may not know just how to get clear, and at others it’s possible that you avoid getting clear because intuitively you know that once clarity comes the doors open and at some point you’re going to have to make a change.  Sometimes it’s confusion that keeps people from being clear.  It’s quite easy to become accustomed to the way things are and doing what you normally do or what you’re expected to do and to get stuck in that holding pattern, keeping yourself from moving forward.

When you take the steps to create your vision and to bring clarity to that vision, it sets you free.  Free to create whatever it is you conjure up; free to explore and bring your vision to life.  That freedom asks you to be brave and step out onto the skinny branches and into spaces that you haven’t ventured before. Let me just say that if what you conjure up isn’t asking you to do that, you need to go back to the drawing board and cook up something else.  If your vision doesn’t stretch you or even scare you, then it’s not big enough.  It’s stepping out onto the skinny branches, into that unfamiliar territory that will have you avoid clarity, because inside you know that you’re going to have to make a shift; that change has to come.  If you find yourself unable to get clear about your vision, you might just be avoiding that clarity.  Ask yourself why you can’t seem to get clear.  Is it because you simply don’t know how, or is it because you’re avoiding it?  Once you have the answer, go through the process to get clear.  Clarity brings about the change that is necessary.  Welcome and embrace the change.  With it comes tremendous growth, the pursuit of your vision, and ultimately realization of your dream.

If you find that you’re avoiding clarity, or if you’re not sure why you can’t gain the clarity or even create your vision, I invite you to join me for my Vision: 2013 event live in Detroit.  For the first time, I’m having an event that focuses solely on helping you create your vision.  Click here to find out how you can join me live, discover the power of clarity, get the clarity you need to move forward and have some fun creating your vision board for 2013, all for a very affordable price.



Key #3 to effectively managing your time is having supportive habits.  We all are in the habit of doing certain things, whether they are good or what’s considered to be bad habits.  Habits are defined as “routines of behavior that are repeated regularly, tend to occur subconsciously, without directly thinking consciously about them”. Your habits are a prime factor in what leads you to being productive or not.  They make the difference when it comes to getting things done.

So, what are your habits when it comes to managing your time?  Do those habits support you or present more of a challenge for you?  Whatever you do all the time is what you do best.  If you have a bad habit it’s something that you do best and being good at whatever that is will keep you from your top level of productivity.  Your habits make you who you are.

To shift into habits that support you, you first have to understand that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.  That’s the amount of time that it takes to train the brain.  Sometimes it takes longer.  I recommend that you give yourself 30 days to develop a new habit.  You might think that’s a long time, but it really isn’t.  You may not want to focus on too many new habits all at once.  Be realistic, patient and honor the process.

Start by writing down the new habits that you want to develop.  Your head is a dangerous place for commitments to hang out.  When you write them down they become real and you get clarity about what you want to create and what that means for you.  It also helps to keep you committed.

Once you have that clarity, enroll a friend in supporting you.  Share with them what habit you’re giving up and what you are creating.  Keep them in the loop on how you’re doing and of any challenges that come up for you.  Allow them to help you through the rough spots and get you back on track so that you can successfully develop the new habits.  If you find that you’re in need of more support, consider hiring a coach.  Make sure that your new habits are consistent and that you do them every day for 30 days.

Understand that you are going to go through a process with your new habits.  The first 30 days will present some challenges and you might even feel as though you want to quit.  After a few months it becomes easier to keep the commitment and things run smooth at that point.  Once you’ve reached a year or so, it becomes harder to not be in the habit because that habit has become part of your routine and part of who you are.


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