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When there’s no clear plan for maximizing productivity, so many things can snatch away your precious time.  Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share info with you on those productivity killers.  Each of these will kill your productivity if you let it.  No matter how much any of them may be present in your environment, there are solutions to conquering these productivity killers.

Clutter is a big culprit when it comes to both home and office spaces.  It shows up in the form of paper, email and things to do.  Paper is the#1 culprit in homes and offices and it’s necessary to keep it under control.

Keep a handle on what comes into your inbox every day.  There are three stages for the paper you see every day: it comes in, you’re working on it, or it’s going out.  Go through your incoming items every day and determine what needs to happen to each thing.  Here, the 3 Ds apply: Discard, Delegate, Do it Now.  Discard it if it’s irrelevant , if you don’t need it any longer or if you can get it again.  Throwing away something that you don’t need is one of the bets things that you can do.  It’s a small step, but keeps the clutter away.  If you come across something that someone else can do, then delegate it, but be sure you give it to the right person with clear instruction and a completion date.  If you decide that it’s something that you need to do, then place it on your to-do list or into your calendar if it’s going to take longer than 15 minutes to complete.  Be sure to prioritize what you add to your list and be sure to schedule enough time to do each.

Paper can take over in just a short time and have you confused as to which way to go and what to do next.  this, needless to say, is not productive at all.  If you keep the paper under control, you can keep control over your inbox, how you’re spending your time and you’ll be more productive.

With today’s fast moving pace and people continually doing more and more, there is always more than enough to do.  Every day we’re bombarded with email, snail mail, to-do lists and the number one culprit, paper.  The only way to manage it all is with effective systems, processes and habits that support you.  With the many things you have on your plate it’s necessary to have those things in place to make your day a productive one.  To make that happen you have to make choices about what to do with everything that comes across your desk every day.  You have to choose from the three Ds: discard, delegate, or do it now.  These next few posts will cover the three Ds.

Considering the amount of paper you encounter every day, making a choice is important.  It would be nice to only handle each piece of paper once, but it’s just not possible, which also makes it that much more important to choose one of the three Ds.  You might only think about being able to only make those choices with paper, but the same can be done with items on your to-do list, snail mail, email and phone calls.  The first time you touch a piece of paper, read an email or a piece of snail mail, or have a request that comes via phone or voice mail, choose to act by discarding, delegating or doing it now.

Discard It-if you don’t need it any longer or you can get it again (from a book, the internet, etc.), get rid of it.  Shred it or recycle it.  Throwing away something that you don’t need is one of the best things you can do.  It’s a small step, but it keeps the clutter away.

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