Previously, I talked about the physical and mental connections between you and your environment.  Here, I’m going to address the emotional connections.  Now, you may not think about this area of your life being cluttered, but how many times have you known people to walk around with unresolved emotions?  What happens at the end of a relationship?  Usually there are things that remain unfinished, unsaid, and plenty of emotion as well as the baggage to go along with it.

At times it’s not a relationship that’s ended that leaves us cluttered emotionally; it’s the existing relationships—the vampires, draining relationships, and the abusive ones as well.  They are all forms of emotional clutter.  If there is enough of it and if it remains for long enough, this emotional clutter will flow over into your environment.  If you’re dealing with a cluttered environment, take a look at your inner circle and see who’s present.  It may be possible that there are some people in your life that need to be removed.  If that’s the case, start thinking about the process of letting them go.  Remember that just like the clutter in your space, people can contribute to our emotional clutter and the longer they’re present, the more space they take up.  Be careful about who you allow to stay and occupy space in your life.  It’s important to keep your emotional space clear, so that your environment can stay clear of the clutter.