FirstQuarterFilesWe all know that the end of the month of March means the end of the first quarter. At this point with three months of the year gone, it’s moving swiftly and it’s not going to stop. Now is the time to take inventory to see where you are.

At the beginning of the year you had the opportunity for a fresh start. You probably felt pretty good right about then with the chance to start something new, take on new things and maybe even determined to focus on not letting things get away from you like you did the year before. Where are you right now? Look at what you set out to do at the beginning of the year and compare those things to what you’ve accomplished so far. How close are you? If you’re not close at all, of course you have to ask why. Maybe you got off to a good start then lost control somewhere along the way.

Whatever the reason for not being on track, you’re at a point in the year where it’s time to take a short break and use this time to assess where you are. If you’re not on track, you have to ask yourself the tough questions to find out what the reason is. Were there obstacles that got in the way or things that you weren’t prepared for? It might be that fear is in your way or that your limiting beliefs are in control. You may not know how to get where you want to go or you just haven’t done what it takes to get there. Get to the bottom of things and then ask yourself who it is that you have to be to get to the point of accomplishment. After you figure that out, determine what you are going to do to get back on track.

The first quarter is just about done. If you’re not where you want to be or not positioned to end your year the way you envision, it’s time to get into action. Now! It doesn’t take long to finish your assessment, determine who you have to be and then what you’re going to do to move forward. Map out your plan and figure out what you need to support you and get you through to the end. Think about the any obstacles that might show up at some point down the road and how you’re going to deal with them if they come up. Tighten up your plan, set up something for accountability and get back to work!