Veggies-HeartShapedMost people think that clutter is just what they see before them, but one truth about clutter is that there is much more to it than meets the eye.  Clutter always stems from something within and many times, is related to your physical health.

Clutter can be a constant challenge and keep you from being productive. You might have drawers in your office or larger parts of your office that are cluttered. You might even clear the space and have the clutter “sneak up” on you again, leaving you wondering why you can’t get rid of it.  When dealing with clutter you have to stop and ask what’s in the background that has our lives so cluttered.  There are other things that come into play when it comes to clutter and the true reasons for clutter lie beneath the surface and some have connections to our physical body.  You can’t clear the clutter by focusing on your “stuff”.  How many times have you eliminated that pile, the overflow in the closet or even cleared the clutter from an entire room only to have it come back to haunt you, making you feel as though you just can’t  conquer the clutter?  When this is the case, chances are there is something else running in the background that has you not able to let go of your clutter.  Addressing the surface reasons for clutter won’t work for you in this instance.

When you look beyond the surface you can see how clutter relates to the physical body. Often when people have clutter they’re also dealing with excess body weight, which can have you feel the same way the clutter does—drained, no balance, heavy and wanting to make a change.  In a cluttered space there is no real life present, there is limited movement or it can be difficult to move about the space, there is no balance, and walking into the space can make you feel uncomfortable or wanting to leave the space.  Excess body weight and clutter are both forms of protection.  People keep both hoping to cushion themselves against some of the things that life brings their way.

If there isn’t excess body weight, there is usually something else going on with the individual physically either in experiencing some of the things I mentioned or perhaps the individual having some health concerns. People hold onto clutter to fill a void and eat for the same reason, and don’t see the connection between the two.  The excess weight becomes a burden just as the “stuff” is a burden.

The body becomes cluttered and leads to negative impacts on your health that get more complicated as the stagnant energy accumulates. That’s usually the point when people start to take medication to remedy the problems, which truly does not help. Case studies have shown time and time again that when you being to remove clutter from your environment, the physical body makes a shift as well, with the removal of excess weight and health issues.  In turn, when you being to address clutter as it relates to your physical body, it becomes easier to remove the clutter from your space and keep it from returning. The clutter stays away when the root cause is addressed, so when you begin to look at the reason for the extra body weight or health issues.  When those are uncovered and addressed, not only is the physical body able to shift, but so is your environment. To get rid of clutter for good, you really have to look beneath the surface and remedy that clutter and only then can you clear the clutter in your environment and be rid of it and its negative impact on your health for good.