BreakthroughAs we enter the final quarter of the year, most business owners are looking at the things they want to do to finish out the year and many are playing catch up after the summer fun.  As you gear up for Q4 are you stepping back into the same old thing and the same old routine or are you making a shift and taking things up a notch?  Has it been your intent to take things to the next level or to get certain things done but you just can’t seem to make that happen?

If so, take a look around your office.  What do you see?  Is your workspace well organized or are things in disarray and cluttered?  If it’s the latter, consider that your workspace is part of what’s holding you back.  Over the years as I’ve worked with clients one of the things that I learned early on is that clutter is a product of what’s going on with you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  In essence, you are your clutter and your clutter is you and it can be keeping you from making that breakthrough to the next level.

If your workspace is cluttered you may have noticed how it makes you feel when you’re in it.  You can’t think clearly or focus, you may not feel like sitting in the area with the clutter or you might even feel heavy when you’re in the space.  All of these things are caused by the clutter in the space.  When you have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clutter, it produces a cluttered space.  This means that the thoughts, relationships, beliefs, and yes, even excess weight each contribute to holding you back.  It keeps you moving at a snail’s pace or allows you to stay right where you are, stagnant and unable to move forward even though that’s not where you want to be.  Your breakthrough and the things you just can’t seem to get done are placed on hold due to your internal clutter.  To get rid of the clutter in your space, you have to address the internal clutter in your life.  Doing so is what keeps the clutter in your space from coming back after you clear it.

When these internal connections are addressed it’s possible to get rid of the clutter and keep it away for good.  In addition to looking around your office to see what’s there, look inside to see where your internal clutter resides, then take the steps to figure out why it’s there and resolve those issues.  As you do, you will find that it becomes easy to rid your space of clutter and keep it away instead of clearing it and having it come back again.  Get to the root of your clutter and clear it so that you can have that business breakthrough during this last quarter of the year.  If clutter is a real challenge for you, visit for a solution.