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Yoga & SunsetHere we are with the end of the year at hand. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was planning the year, and now it’s up. There are a lot of people caught up in the hectic energy of the holiday season, and it’s really easy to get caught up in. When you do, it’s also easy to push things aside and let the year come to a close in an “unconscious” way. Not a very good way to close out the year.

You want to be aware as the year comes to a close and set clear intentions around it. If you’re caught up it may not be so easy to see how to go about things differently and bring your year to a powerful close. Here are 5 things you can do starting right now (or even after the new year begins) to be clear and intentional about ending the year.

  • Celebrate the goals that you accomplished and appreciate where you are right now, regardless of how you feel about how you did this year with your business goals and your personal life. No matter how bad you think things look, no matter how many times you find yourself saying “shoulda, woulda, coulda”, there is always much to be grateful for. Make note of all the lessons you learned. Accept where you are right now and know that where you are is where you’re supposed to be.
  •   Look at the goals that you set for this year and ask yourself what worked. Which things went as planned and how well did they turn out? Is there anything that you would have done differently?
  • Next, take a look at what didn’t work so well. Were you stopped when it came to a particular thing? What things did you struggle with and why? Look beyond the surface to see what things made it difficult. It may be that you didn’t have all of the resources required or maybe it was a personal block that required you to make some shifts that were hard to make. Dig deep.
  • Let go! Make a list of things that it’s time to let go of…habits that don’t support you, things that don’t serve your highest good and the people it’s necessary to part ways with. The same goes for the clutter in your work and home spaces. When your list is complete, start the process of letting go. Create new habits to serve you, ditch the clutter and say goodbye to the other things and people that you have to let go of.
  • Contemplate how you want next year to look and set your intentions. Don’t think about the goals you want to create just yet. Instead, think about how you want the year to look, the experience you want it to be and, more importantly how you want to feel in the coming year. Once you’ve determined that, set your intentions to powerfully close out your year. Then you can create your goals and take action.

Dart & GoalsI know that many of you are familiar with this scenario…you set your goals, you take off and you’re sprinting as fast as you can toward that goal. You’re pushing forward, taking long strides and push past the things that come up. You’re completely focused on where you’re going. Then, about a month or so into that stride you’re floundering or your efforts are completely stalled. You have no idea what to do next, or you don’t do anything. You see this every year if you have a gym membership. People—a lot of them, set health related goals and they flood local gyms come January and you’re waiting in line to use the machines. A month later, you’re not standing in line any more because they aren’t focused on that goal. It happens quite frequently.

There are a number of reasons people fail when it comes to their goals, but one reason is because goals seem exciting when they’re created, but then the excitement wears off because the goals don’t have any pull. When I say “pull” I mean the goals don’t pull you in, toward them. There comes a point when you discover that what you created doesn’t speak to you. So after the excitement is gone, there’s nothing there to entice you; nothing inside of what you created to pull you in and keep you there.

This happens because of the space people typically create their goals from. Typically people want to create something great, something fresh and new, but when they create they’re caught up in the everyday, usual run of the mill way of creating, which will have you stuck time and time again. Their intention is missing and they create from a space that lacks power. They’re stuck on creating somewhere to get to and forget about what they really want, which is how they want to feel once they’ve accomplished the goals they set.

When you create goals, you want to create goals that set you on fire so they pull you toward them. Start with your intention. Think about what your intention is. What outcome are you looking for? Maybe it’s increased income or more of the freedom that you wanted when you started working for yourself instead of someone else. Ponder on that end result then consider what that looks like.

Something else to consider is creating from a space of power. I’m talking about your own personal power. It enables you to acknowledge that you do have power over what your life looks like. Exercising it gives you authority over what things look like and what you produce in your life. Adding this acknowledgement to the mix when you create your goals, adds potency to what you create and it feeds what you’re giving life to. Of course, creating goals goes deeper than this.  This is just the tip of the iceberg but these two keys are a great place to begin.


Apple & Report CardIt’s time to talk about your mid-year report card. You might not want to approach the topic at all because you know that you’re nowhere near where you want to be by this point in the year, but it’s necessary. You can’t get where you want to go without looking at and assessing the situation.

I know that it seems like it was yesterday that you created your goals and mapping your way through the new territory of this year looking at what was possible for you. Now we’re at the midyear point, which is July 2nd.

This is like half time in a football game, so it’s time to review your fumbles, touchdowns, dropped passes, and diving tackles. You have to look at the good, the bad and the ugly, so that you can regroup, then move forward to win the game.

Things might be moving so fast for you right now that you might be thinking, “I don’t have time to look to see where I am.” Well, if you keep moving at that speed things will inevitably fall apart. If football coaches can look at the current situation and regroup in just 12 minutes, you can make the time to stop and assess the situation and figure out what to do. Step to the side to see how you’ve done so far. Looking back at the last 6 months what do you see? Where have you fumbled the ball or dropped passes? Which goals had you anticipated completing by this point in time? Are you on point with them? If not, you have to ask, “Why not?” Maybe you’re not allowing enough time for the tasks that need to be completed, or maybe they aren’t making it to your daily agenda. You might need to develop a few new habits or incorporate new tools to shore you up in your day-to-day activities. Be fair with your assessment and above all else, honest with yourself. Look at what’s incomplete, reassess the process and determine what to do to move forward.

Grade yourself based on your incomplete items, the resources—what you used, how you used them and whether you missed anything. Be sure to grade yourself when it comes to the good stuff too. It’s important that you celebrate your accomplishments. Those celebrations will help fuel you forward.

Once that’s done, create your plan for the rest of the game. For each of the things that you haven’t yet completed, be sure you’ve asked yourself what happened and why they’re not complete. Measure where you are based upon the milestones that you initially created and determine what you need to do to fill any existing gaps. For other projects that aren’t due to be completed yet, which milestones should have been reached by this point in the year? You’ll also want to take a look at the things that you’re going to begin working on soon. Is there anything new you want to add to the mix and are you going to be able to start on time? Use this midyear point to assess where you are, determine what’s necessary, regroup and move forward into the rest of the year focused on winning the game. Oh, and if you didn’t create that initial plan with the milestones at the beginning of the year, now is the perfect time to create it and get the ball moving.


FirstQuarterFilesWe all know that the end of the month of March means the end of the first quarter. At this point with three months of the year gone, it’s moving swiftly and it’s not going to stop. Now is the time to take inventory to see where you are.

At the beginning of the year you had the opportunity for a fresh start. You probably felt pretty good right about then with the chance to start something new, take on new things and maybe even determined to focus on not letting things get away from you like you did the year before. Where are you right now? Look at what you set out to do at the beginning of the year and compare those things to what you’ve accomplished so far. How close are you? If you’re not close at all, of course you have to ask why. Maybe you got off to a good start then lost control somewhere along the way.

Whatever the reason for not being on track, you’re at a point in the year where it’s time to take a short break and use this time to assess where you are. If you’re not on track, you have to ask yourself the tough questions to find out what the reason is. Were there obstacles that got in the way or things that you weren’t prepared for? It might be that fear is in your way or that your limiting beliefs are in control. You may not know how to get where you want to go or you just haven’t done what it takes to get there. Get to the bottom of things and then ask yourself who it is that you have to be to get to the point of accomplishment. After you figure that out, determine what you are going to do to get back on track.

The first quarter is just about done. If you’re not where you want to be or not positioned to end your year the way you envision, it’s time to get into action. Now! It doesn’t take long to finish your assessment, determine who you have to be and then what you’re going to do to move forward. Map out your plan and figure out what you need to support you and get you through to the end. Think about the any obstacles that might show up at some point down the road and how you’re going to deal with them if they come up. Tighten up your plan, set up something for accountability and get back to work!


The First 100 Days

How you start each year sets the tone for it. So how did your year start? Did you set your goals? Is there a plan in place to carry them out? Are you committed to them? Maybe your year didn’t start off like that and if that’s the case, you started the year without any focus and without preparation. Honestly, that’s the way that about 92% of people started their year. Statistics show that only 8% of people actually achieve their goals every year.

If you happen to be among that 92%, it’s not too late to get the ball rolling. In my experience, I have found that many people end up not only starting their year without any goals, plans or commitment, but they also end up making excuses for why they haven’t taken on what they said they would, and they regret not having taken action.

The first 100 days of the year is a crucial period and your entire year rides on it. When you look back 100 days into the year, which will be April 10th, what will things look like for you? Will you be well on your way to the income that you want to make in your business this year or another goal that you’ve set or will you just have an excuse for why you haven’t started to forge the path toward the summit?

Excuses and regret won’t get you anywhere, but getting focused definitely will. Just knowing your goals doesn’t have any value at all if you don’t reach them. You can’t get results without execution, and expecting better results, or to get to the next level is ludicrous at best. Doing things the way that you’ve always done things will have you sitting in the exact same place you started, continuing a vicious cycle.  The only way to get where you want to get is to get focused, create your plan, commit yourself to it and go for it. If your execution is in play you perform and continue to get better and over time can master greater feats than those before you now. So right now, what do you need to do to get focused, set your goals, create the plan and commit to carrying it out through to fruition? The ball is in your court and the clock is ticking. 100 days into this year are you going to have excuses or results?


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