Biz Woman Time FreedomYou really can have productive days, and not just one, I’m talking plenty of repeats here. It’s about creating the structure that fits for you to make things work. One thing I know that people wish for is more time. We all know that’s not going to happen, but what if you could design things in a way that allowed you to get back two hours of your time each day? It’s doable. One way to get back some of the time that you’ve got going out the window, never to return is to let go of the dead weight. By dead weight I mean the things that don’t matter; the unimportant things that are taking up your calendar and wasting your time.

Right now, look at your calendar and your to-do list and determine whether or not each of the items there is worthy of your time. Yes, I said “worthy”. If you’re going to allow something onto your calendar or onto your to-do list, it has to be worthy of your time. For each of the items, look to see if it’s directly related to something that’s priority for you; so related to a goal or a project you’re working on; maybe something for a client. If it’s not worthy, remove it so you can focus on the things that matter.

Speaking of focus, refining yours is another way that you can get more time back in your day. When you look at what you’ve done so far today, how would you rate your focus? Have you been all over the place today in a somewhat irrational manner, or have you been very intent and precise in the actions you’ve taken and the things that you’ve given time to today?

One other way to add time back into your day is to step back and make time for you. As the saying goes, sometimes you have to slow down to go faster. So true! You can’t go through each day, all cylinders firing, pouring into your clients, you family and others and expect to be able to keep it all up without making time for you.

Those are just three things that you can do to add time back into your day and begin to create the structure for having your ideally productive day every day. If you’ve ever imagined what your ideal day would look like or attempted to create it, start with these three things. What would you be able to get done during your day that you just can’t seem to accomplish right now? You can have that ideally productive day if you consciously create it and make the effort to live it each day.

If you’re striving to create more productive days, and to be productive every day and just can’t seem to do that, make room in your calendar for one of these.