Organic Veggies Wood BackgroundWhen you think of all the things that contribute to you getting things done you probably think of technology–the tools and apps you use. Regular processes and maybe even systems come to mind. Not once do you think about food. One primary reason for this is that we’ve been taught to view food as something other than it is. We’ve been taught that when you feel hungry you should eat. Typically, we aren’t taught to eat to live; to sustain our bodies. That is the purpose for eating. Food is a favorite past time, but people are consuming garbage and not consciously eating.

Food impacts you greater than you may think. It has a direct impact on cognitive performance, so if you aren’t making conscious choices about what you’re eating, a poor choice for lunch can derail the rest of your day. Fueling your body is much different than fueling up your car. Some foods will support you and get your through a good few hours cognitively and physically, while others will take your energy and ability to think away from you. For instance, eating meals with high-fat content divert the blood supply to the digestive tract and away from the brain. That’s what causes the sluggishness and fatigue that might be the norm for your afternoons. You lose energy and the ability to be effective during the course of your day when the food that you’re consuming isn’t fueling your body, because what’s being eaten isn’t full of the nutritional value your body needs.

Not all foods are processed by the body at the same rate. Some foods give you a burst of energy followed by a crash and burn because they release glucose quickly and others can provide more sustained energy than the aforementioned foods, but they require your digestive system to work harder, reducing oxygen levels in the brain which makes you groggy.

There are other reasons for poor eating habits like most people being at their lowest point in both energy and self-control when making the choice about what to eat. Fast foods can tend to be more appetizing when you’re mentally drained. The unhealthy options tend to be more affordable than the healthy ones and in the middle of a busy day, the not so wise choices are more appealing.

Properly fuel your productivity with a plan and shop according to your menu. Determine what you’re cutting out and what to add. Include nuts and seeds have vitamin E and antioxidants; whole grains for fiber, vitamins and magnesium; dark leafy greens loaded with vitamins and minerals like iron which brings more oxygen to the body and the brain. All of these support cognitive function. Add to that plenty of fruit and other vegetables and plant based protein to fuel your body and keep your physical energy up. Snack throughout the day to avoid spikes and drops in blood sugar, which are bad for productivity and bad for the brain. This is the plan that will fuel your productivity so that you can get it done.