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Your kitchen is the heart of your home.  Lots of activity takes place in the kitchen so it’s prone to clutter.  Keys, back packs, homework, brief cases,  school books, and the list goes on.  Because so much activity takes place in this room, it’s got to be organized.

For starters, declutter your kitchen counter so you’re ready to cook.  After all, it is your kitchen.  Once you get rid of the clutter, designate a space for each of the usual items that end up in your kitchen.  Find or create a spot for your keys and use it; same with the back packs, brief cases, school and other items.  Getting in the habit of using the new spots might take a little while, but stick to it, and make sure everyone in the house knows the new spots.

Next, organize that junk drawer by pitching what you don’t need and the unrecognizable stuff and then organize what’s left by category using adjustable dividers.  Don’t buy your dividers until you’ve scaled down to just the things that need to go into the drawer, that way you know how many dividers you need, and how much you need to put in each space.

Save those restaurant menus in a binder using sheet protectors for quick reference.  Organize them by restaurant type or in alphabetical order.  Put away small appliances and use clear storage containers in cabinets so that you can see what you have and how much of it is left.  Create upright storage for pizza stones, cookie sheets and the like.

We all have junk drawers–in the kitchen, the office, the bedroom.  Whether  you have one or more, they accumulate a lot of things since they’re the catch-all for the things that don’t have a home.

It doesn’t have to stay that way.  You can bring order to your junk drawer.  To start the process, measure your drawer and purchase a drawer organizer with adjustable dividers.  Start by dumping the entire drawer out onto a surface with enough room for you to work and start sorting the items.  Decide what to keep and what you’re going to throw away.  Also create a pile of things that don’t belong in the drawer and put them away once you’re done.  If you can no longer use it, get rid of it.  Make a decision about everything in the drawer.

Once you’ve done that, insert the drawer organizer and adjust the dividers as needed to fit your items into the various sections, then start adding items to teh drawer, placing like items together.  Only put items that you actually use into the drawer and palce the items that you don’t  use so often toward the back of the drawer.

On a regualr basis, purge the drawer of things that you don’t use and if there is something that doesn’t belong in that drawer don’t put it in there!

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