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relaxing, me time, time for myselfIf you’re like more women business owners when you look at your daily agenda, you find yourself at the bottom of the list or, you’re not even there. You’re caught up in all there is to do and your clients, children, significant other and everything else make it to your agenda before you do. When self care goes out the window it can leave you feeling tired, frustrated and stressed out. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you get time to yourself and that you are at the top of your list of priorities. It’s time to move away from being caught up and shifting things to create the space for you in your life.

Life moves at a fast pace these days and your plate is full, so it becomes easy to forget to recharge. Giving time to yourself will relieve the frustration and the stress, which is one way to open the door for getting things done. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity and will give you the energy to get through your days mentally and physically. Giving time to yourself in the morning with a routine that’s a fit for you will set the tone for your day. The most productive people in business have a designated morning routine. Making time for breaks during the day just to breathe will help you get present, clear your mind and it increases productivity level and creativity. You’ll come back refreshed, recharged physically and mentally ready to take on the rest of the day. Refueling your body with the right nutrients during the day will do wonders for getting to the bottom of your to-do list too. Imagine what doing this on a regular basis will do for your days and, more importantly, for you. It’s possible to do and you can start right now by looking at your calendar and adding yourself to your daily agenda. Carve out time in the morning, breaks during the day and time to relax and unwind at the end of your day. Create what works for you, get your me time into your calendar, with a reminder and stick to it. It will boost your productivity.



MeTimeClockI bet that if I were to ask my readers, radio show listeners and potential clients when they last had time to themselves,  they probably wouldn’t be able to tell me. That madness has to stop right now! How can you expect to give to things and other people, when you haven’t made time to give to yourself? Well, you can’t.

When you plan, you should be the first thing that goes onto your calendar. You do not belong in the spaces that are left vacant after you fit in your clients, children, spouse and other people and things. You have to be the top priority and make sure that you come first. This is one of the things that I teach clients in planning sessions with them. When we’re looking at their entire upcoming year or the next six months, we acknowledge where the holidays are and then the first thing we do is add in their vacation days, down time, long weekends and me time. It’s something that takes them a while to do actually because most are not accustomed to thinking or placing themselves first. There are times when I’ve needed to stop to get them past that hurdle before we can continue with the process, but it’s necessary. Everything else gets put into the mix after those days are in her calendar and not a moment before. Oh, just so you know, holidays don’t count as down time or me time.

Starting right now, I want you to look at your calendar to see where you can put time for yourself and as you move forward in your planning or your days, weeks and months. Be bold, put yourself first and add the chunks of time for you. When you look at what you have scheduled now, shift things around to accommodate yourself. You would do it for a client, so do it for you. As you move forward, make it your rule to schedule your me time first. You’ll find that those chunks of time to yourself allow you to recharge so that you can give to the things and people who mater most. It will also help boost your productivity.


assorted_toolsThere are many things that contribute to your overall success. When it comes to being productive there are some primary keys that you need in place to make it all happen. When people start their businesses, the one thing they don’t think about is the process and support for getting things done. They think about location if they are a brick and mortar establishment, or if they need office space; they think about funding, marketing and a laundry list of other things, but they don’t think about what they need to get things done. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not have things in place to support your productivity.

Here I’m going to share with you a few primary things that you need to have in your productivity tool kit.

The first thing you want in your productivity tool kit is a list of your goals. If you don’t know where you’re going, how in the world are you getting there? How you create your goals is important. If you know me, you know that I don’t do things the “normal” way. Create your goals from a space of power by exploring the experiences you want to have and how you want to feel. Set your intentions and then create your SMART goals from there. Not having written goals with a plan to carry them out, and no action steps in your calendar to execute them is a great way to get nowhere fast.

The next thing you want in your productivity tool kit are systems! Create systems for your marketing, social media, accounting, sales, client and contact management, inventory if that’s applicable and don’t forget a time management system!

Habits will make or break you, so you’ve got to ensure that you have habits that support you. Don’t get into labeling your habits “good” or “bad”. They just are what they are and they either support you or they don’t.

You can’t get where you’re doing without help. We all need it whether it’s from time to time, with certain tasks or projects or ongoing. Get your team members in place. If your budget doesn’t allow for paid staff members or a VA, then look at setting up internships for college students who need the experience and time and have the talents that you’re looking for to get the job done.

This next tool might be something you may not associate with being productive, but I’m here to tell you that it most certainly is! There is absolutely no way you can serve others when you are not fully charged. That means stepping away from things and getting some regular down time; the me time that you so crave but never get. Stop giving to things and other people without first giving to yourself. You’ll notice that I said “first”.  You have to come first. Period. End of story.

Finally, you have to have self-knowledge.  Know how you personally relate to time. Time doesn’t even exist, so you’ve got to have an understanding of what it really is and how to deal with it based on your Productivity Persona™. That gives you the info you need to choose your personal productivity tool, how to set up your time management system and how to approach getting things done. Knowledge is power!


MeTimeYes, that’s right…this blog post is about making time for you. I know for so many of you it’s a big challenge. I know that 99.9% of my readers are women and if you’re like most, your plate is more than full. There are a lot of things that get onto your calendar, but you aren’t one of them and that has to change. When you give yourself the time to do the things that you love to do or want to do without thinking about anything or anyone else, it actually makes the rest of your life work.

If you want to be able to focus on all of the things on your agenda, you’ve got to take care of you first. I like to use the example of the instructions you get from the flight attendant before take off. When it comes to the oxygen mask, you have to put ours on first THEN help children, elders or others with theirs. Your me time is like your oxygen mask.

When I teach clients to plan, the first thing that we get in their calendar is their time to themselves, followed by time off from their business. Then we add the project and other business related items. Giving this time to yourself is so important. How long has it been since you had me time? Can you even remember?

Instead of trying to squeeze in more time for work and family duties, make the time for you. It’s essential to your health. Stress produces cortisol, which can  impact overall health. Furthermore, it’s necessary for you to be at your best for your family, friends and your clients. Getting in that me time contributes to being the best you that you can be.

Figure out how you’re going to spend your me time. Choose an activity and schedule it once a week. You can also consider adding time at the beginning or end of your day just for you. As time goes on you add additional times. As you plan each week, get your me time in there first. If you find that you just can’t seem to make yourself schedule the time, you might want to ask yourself if there’s something else going on around self worth.

If you always feel short on time, if you’ve got a tight schedule, feel guilty about spending time by yourself, don’t take care of yourself first, if you feel like you should be doing something when you have free time, or fill all of the open spaces in your calendar with something, say “yes” before you check to see if you’re available…you clearly don’t have enough time to yourself. Remember, me time is your oxygen mask. It allows you to be able to take care of everything and everyone else.


Unproductive-ProductiveMagGlassYou have high demands on your time with things constantly competing for your attention. With so much demanding our time, it’s obvious that procrastinating doesn’t help the situation at all. When you think about or hear the term procrastination, you typically think of destructive procrastination. It really does cause upheaval. Research shows that people spend most of their time and effort working on activities that have nothing to do with the success of their projects. It’s the biggest reason that people fail to reach their goals. In one survey, 40% of those surveyed said that procrastination cost them money. If you’ve heard me share information about procrastination before or have worked with me, you know that it can cost you a lot more.

That’s the not so pretty face of procrastination, but did you know that you can actually use procrastination to boost your productivity? It’s true! There are ways to use procrastination to your advantage to feed your flow of productivity. Understand that I’m not saying that one should procrastinate in a destructive manner. Doing so will disable your level of productivity and keep you from getting things done and ultimately from reaching your goals. But there are ways to use it that will help get you to Point B.

When you look at your to-do list chances are that you see things there that don’t need to be done right away and some might not ever need to be done although you might consider everything there to be important. If you take a step back, relax, and look closer you can gain a totally different perspective. Take a look and note what you see. You might see your responsibilities as the important things, but what about the personal items on your to-do list? They can be important too. Then look at the things that you’ve been putting off. As you do, you might see things that aren’t related to your values or intentions. There might be a better way for you to reach your intention. In this case, it’s time to stop and think about other ways to reach your intention. This would be more productive than having something on your list that you are destructively procrastinating on.

Here, in this instance, you’re making a conscious choice to put something off to find a more suitable goal. Doing so contributes to your productivity. As you continue to look at the things you’ve been putting off, you might realize that there’s something that you want clarity on, or maybe additional information before you take on the task.

Take the steps necessary to get clear about the task. Consult the appropriate resources for the information that you need. If it’s clarity that’s missing for you, do what you have to do in order to get a clear picture. Try journaling, mind mapping or even creating a vision board to gain some depth and clarity.  While you’re waiting for clarity, focus on other goals and activities, while staying present to your intention. Doing so might still lead you to just the right solution;  meeting the right person, coming across the right resource, being in the right  place at the right time to hear something that you need to hear, seeing an idea,  being at an event that stimulates you to move forward. This is not an effortless process as it can be hard to sustain the patience and to trust yourself. Been there, done that!

Looking at your list and realize that you aren’t ready for something that you’ve been putting off. Maybe the opportunity is just not right. Or perhaps you’re struggling with things other than strategy, logistics, an action plan or timeline. You might just need to wait, which is truly opposite of what you’ve been taught to do, so you may not feel comfortable doing so. There’s the illusion that you’re doing something wrong if you don’t do it yesterday; being “on” 24/7/365. It’s possible that you may lose an opportunity. But you also have to realize that if you don’t allow time for things to take root, you can end up being frustrated and wasting your time and energy and maybe even money. When you wait, your ideas can gel or things can be revealed or become more apparent to you.  There is internal activity that you don’t realize takes place when you go this route.  That activity is important to the task at hand.

Finally, you can do nothing. Yes, I said do nothing. Your tendency is to push yourself and to push hard. You don’t slow down, which contributes to no down time. This gives you an opportunity to be clear about what you want to accomplish and the strategy for doing so. To keep that clarity, you have to have down time. It could be a few minutes at a time, a few hours or you might need a weekend. Whatever the length of time, take it, and then go back to the task at hand. Allow for the possibility of harmony. This is definitely something that you are not used to doing, but something that will support and aid in your productivity.

Remember what you are doing and why and this will keep you on track. The difference between destructive and productive procrastination is the conscious choice and the intention behind it.


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