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MondaySome times it’s hard to push through a Friday knowing what’s ahead for the weekend…the fun times you’ve got planned with family and friends or just the down time that you’ve been looking forward to having to yourself. Thinking ahead to those things make it hard to get it all done on Friday afternoon.

Since you’re thinking about the plans you have for the immediate future already, shift things a bit and start thinking about where you are now and where you want to be in the distant future. Pick up a pen and start making notes about your thoughts. Think about the goals you’ve set for the end of the year and ask yourself where you want to be in another 3 years and then 5 years.  Ponder those things and dream big! The “how” is not important right now. Just take care of the “what”. You’ll start the next week with clarity and a new vision and you can even set aside some time in that week to start mapping out your plan. That makes for a productive Monday and it’s an awesome way to start your week!


Fotoliavirtualcommunity-LargerWe all know that doing business is all about relationships. Too often I’ve seen people try to sell a product or service without even the smallest attempt at creating a relationship first. It’s simple, people do business with those they know, like and trust. Period. What new prospects do you have? Collect those cards and the other info you’ve picked up over the last week or so and use Friday afternoon to set up times to connect with them.
You can connect anyway that you choose, make a quick call to let them know how much you enjoyed the conversation you had and that you want to continue it over coffee or lunch one day next week. If you think that there are too many to connect with via phone, then call a few and connect with others via social media or email. You might not get a quick response to your social media or email messages but your week will start with replies to what you’ve initiated and allow you to make your week more interesting by starting to cultivate new relationships and it also gives you a productive Friday afternoon.

ShiftHere’s yet another way to make your Monday productive. Shift from the routine stuff. Take a look at what you usually do during the course of the week. As you think about that, and start a list making note of the things that you usually get distracted by. What things usually have you veering off course? Do you stop to chase the BSOs (Bright shiny objects)?

Then look at the habits you practice, whether they support you or not. Don’t look at your habits as “good” or “bad”, they’re just habits. Then take a look at the things that typically keep you from starting off running at the beginning of the week. One thing that I see often with clients is that they start off checking their email, which is a bad move.

Once you have each of those lists, go back through them and on the right side of the page across from the distractions, non supportive habits and the things that hold up your fast start, write what you will do instead. As you start your week, pull out the list and look at the alternative things you created and get them into your Monday mix. If you keep it up, these new things can help you create an entirely new routine that keeps you more productive. It makes for a great way to start your week!


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