3490905 time in businessAll of us have wished we had more time at some point or another, but the reality is that it’s not going to happen. No matter how much you want, wish for or dream of having it, you’re going to have the same amount of time allotted to each day.

The magic number is 1,440, so just how do you “add” to that? There are things that you can do as a means to getting more time in your day. Of I’m not talking about actually making your days longer, but about taking back your time. You can get about 2 hours back into your day, which is awesome when you think about the amount of time you can get back over the course of a week.

There are a few different ways you can get back some of your time but here I’m going to share how focus can help you get back some of the time you’re losing. What are your days like without focus? You might already know because that’s the experience you’re having right now. Focus is about backing up for a minute and getting really clear about where you’re going and what you seek to create and how you want to feel. For that you need vision, and to be able to see your vision you need clarity. Without clarity, there is no vision and without vision you can’t get where you expect to get.  The only thing you can expect is to spin your wheels.  The clearer you are about where you’re going, what you’re creating and how you want to feel inside of your every-day experiences, the more efficient and effective you can be in achieving those things.

Once the clarity is there, you can create the vision and once you have the crystal clear vision, you can focus and stay on point. It becomes much easier to know what your priorities are because your vision is clear…you know what you’re up to and what’s important.  You know that the new task that just became necessary is nowhere as important as what you have on your agenda so it’s easy to not get distracted by it. You can easily delegate it and keep it moving. Without focus, your days are like a blurry picture. You can’t see it clearly and you certainly can’t enjoy it. Get focused and gain back the time you’re losing without it.