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SunriseYou may not think it is, but it’s important and I’m going to show you just how important it is. Think about your morning routine. Are you jumping up out of bed in a rush trying to get showered, eat, get children ready and making haste the entire time or is your morning more calm and structured?

The first scene I described is not the way to function on a daily basis. The energy alone of that scenario makes for a stressful, unproductive day and that can lead to other undesirable things.

It’s all about approach and perspective. The way you start your day sets the tone for it. So if you’re in a rush, pushing to get things done, stressed and frustrated, that’s the energy you bring into your day. You welcome it with open arms and you don’t even know that you’re inviting it in. That’s the energy that you are allowing to be present while you do your thing. It just doesn’t work. Days that start like that, continue to move like that and they don’t stop. When they finally do, you’re absolutely drained, probably frustrated and, things have gotten in the way of you getting ‘er done. That’s why it’s so important to be conscious of how you start your day. Consciously create and set the tone for your day.

Bringing that conscious creation into your day means that you have to develop a morning ritual. What procedural or habitual things do you want to incorporate into your morning? Just to give you an example, my morning ritual starts pretty early. I start with a large glass of water to get my body systems moving and then I meditate and focus on the affirmations or other spiritual work that I’m doing at the time. Then it’s about getting in a good hard workout, having a good vegan breakfast and after that getting ready for my day. That’s the energy that sets the tone for my day so when I step into my office, I’m focused and I have the energy and capacity to deal with what’s on my plate in an orderly fashion. When I get to my office, I have a ritual that I get into before I start working on anything. It further sets the tone for my work day.

What you would change about your mornings? What things do you want to incorporate into your start of the day? Purposely create you morning ritual. There are a number of things that you can choose to do in the morning that will set a great tone and energy for your day. You just have to create it. It doesn’t have to be something that fits for someone else, but instead what fits and will work and support you.

If you want to talk about creating your morning ritual or for that matter your entire day, check this out.


Gavel & Hour GlassWhen you step back and look at how highly productive people pull it off, you see commonalities across the board. Here I’m going to share my three most important rules for productive people. My list of rules is longer, but these are three of my top rules in my Time Wielder’s™ rule book.

Rule #1: Know your Productivity Persona™ and act accordingly- Let me ask you right now, what do you know about yourself that impacts your approach to getting things done? Do you see the role that your personality plays? Do you have a system in place that was created based upon your personality? Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you probably don’t. This is the place to start to gain your new perspective, learn how your personality plays a role when it comes to time, and the pieces that you need to create your own personalized system so that you can get things done and move forward with what you’re up to in the world. Your Productivity Persona™ is the key to discovering how to make time work for you and your own way of getting things done.

Rule #2: Know and stick to your priorities-On a daily basis you have to know what your priorities are and act accordingly. When you don’t know what your priorities are you end up wasting time trying to figure out what to do first, decide what goes on your agenda and you end up adding things that don’t deserve your time. Create your priorities and know undoubtedly what they are. You can get clues about them by looking at your values and how your values flow into your work. Create your list and be sure to prioritize your goals and projects. If you prioritize your goals and projects, you don’t have to figure out the priority of the tasks related to them. Each task gets its priority from the related project or goal. This allows you to schedule your priorities instead of prioritizing your schedule.

Rule #3: Establish your morning ritual-One thing that’s common among highly productive people is that they begin their days early and their mornings include meditation, a workout and a healthy breakfast. My idea of healthy is a green smoothie or something else vegan. You’d be surprised at the boost that it will give you. Add these to your morning ritual. When it’s time to shift into work mode, do so consciously. Look at the day you’ve planned so that you know what’s up for the day is and note your top three priorities for the day. Establishing your morning ritual will definitely have a positive impact on your day.


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