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Everyone wants to be better for the New Year which is why everyone makes the resolutions for getting back to the gym, getting organized, quitting smoking, and the list goes on. But the truth of the matter is that so many people have false starts when it comes to carrying out their resolutions. They have lots of plans and plenty of things they want to do or get accomplished in the New Year, but they run out of steam before they get the ball rolling with any real momentum. Did you make resolutions for this year? Did you take action? Why not? What was it that held you back?

If you’re expecting new results just because it’s a new year, you’re making a big mistake. If your starting point is not correct, you will not get what you want. Once the holidays are over, some people will start to implement their resolutions. Unfortunately, some of those starts will be false, running out of steam before February comes around. Resolutions die because they aren’t strong enough to survive. If they aren’t turned into goals and have a plan to support them, they wither away. To start off on the right foot you need to first understand that there’s a distinct difference between the anatomy of a resolution and that of a goal. Goals are things that you are committed to pursuing, related to time, values-based and SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, tangible). They have plans created to support them coming to fruition.

Turing your resolutions into goals is the first step in aiming before your fire. You can’t hit the mark if you don’t know where you’re going. You have to know how to take your resolutions and turn them into solid goals and how to develop a plan to carry them out. Additionally, ask yourself what things you want to leave behind with the old year, and choose those things that you want to take into the New Year with you. It might take some time to get clear, so take your time and make your lists. Be conscious about what you are letting go of and what you are holding onto or creating to take along for the ride into the New Year.

Finally, ask yourself who it is that you have to be in order to accomplish the goals that you’ve set. Most of the time people look at or tell themselves that when they get something, then they’re be able to do a particular thing in order to be where they want to be. This is a backwards concept. Really, we have to think about who we’re going to be (the characteristics and behaviors we have to exhibit), then think about what we have to do in order to have what we want. So it’s be; do; have instead of have; do be.

As you begin to think about the things that you resolve to do in the coming year, remember to aim before you fire. Add the steps of turning those resolutions into goals, list what you’re leaving behind and what you’re taking with you and then determine who you have to be in order to carry out your plan.

First things first, you must have a clear vision before you can do anything else.  Without it, you’re stuck.  When your vision is clear everything starts rolling in the direction of what you want to create.  Everything is born out of your vision which is why it’ so important, and whether you realize it or not, it’s a crucial part of the planning process. Without clarity, you have no vision and without vision, there is no growth.

At times, you may not know just how to get clear, and at others it’s possible that you avoid getting clear because intuitively you know that once clarity comes the doors open and at some point you’re going to have to make a change.  Sometimes it’s confusion that keeps people from being clear.  It’s quite easy to become accustomed to the way things are and doing what you normally do or what you’re expected to do and to get stuck in that holding pattern, keeping yourself from moving forward.

When you take the steps to create your vision and to bring clarity to that vision, it sets you free.  Free to create whatever it is you conjure up; free to explore and bring your vision to life.  That freedom asks you to be brave and step out onto the skinny branches and into spaces that you haven’t ventured before. Let me just say that if what you conjure up isn’t asking you to do that, you need to go back to the drawing board and cook up something else.  If your vision doesn’t stretch you or even scare you, then it’s not big enough.  It’s stepping out onto the skinny branches, into that unfamiliar territory that will have you avoid clarity, because inside you know that you’re going to have to make a shift; that change has to come.  If you find yourself unable to get clear about your vision, you might just be avoiding that clarity.  Ask yourself why you can’t seem to get clear.  Is it because you simply don’t know how, or is it because you’re avoiding it?  Once you have the answer, go through the process to get clear.  Clarity brings about the change that is necessary.  Welcome and embrace the change.  With it comes tremendous growth, the pursuit of your vision, and ultimately realization of your dream.

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This week I’ve focused on resolutions and the process for planning for your new year.  As this year comes to a close, I encourage you to take a look back at what you’ve done.  What have you accomplished?  What happened to the things that you resolved to do at the end of last year?  Did they remain resolutions or did they get transformed into goals and get accomplished?

Be honest with yourself, but don’t beat yourself up either. Everyone wants to be better for the new year. That’s why everyone makes the resolutions for the gym, getting organized, quitting smoking, etc.  The truth of the matter is that so many people have false starts. They have lots of plans, things they want to do or get accomplished in the New Year, but they run out of steam before they get the ball rolling with any real momentum.

What have you done lately?  Did you make resolutions for 2009?  Did you taken action?  If not,  what stopped you? If you expect new results just because it’s a new year, you’re making a big mistake.  To get your desired result, you have to take your resolutions and turn them into solid goals, then develop a plan to carry them out along with the  systems, tools, motivation and support needed to accomplish them.

If you didn’t accomplish everything that you wanted to this year, ask your self why and make a change.  Focus on taking your resolutions to goals and into reality.

If you’re looking to break the habit of making resolutions and not following through, click here for details.

As you start to plan for your new year, think about what you’ve accomplished this year and celebrate those accomplishments.  As you look forward to next year’s agenda, remember the things that you are letting go of.  What needs to be left behind?  Create a list over the course of a few days or until you feel it’s complete then acknowledge that those things are going out with the old year so that you can ring in the new.  Start to think about the things that you want to do during the course of the upcoming year.  Choose things that are fresh and new; that excite and inspire you.  Choose things that will force you to expand yourself and step into uncharted territory in both your personal and business life.  Once you have that list of fresh, new and inspiring things, plan your work, and then work your plan.

Once you work through these things, you’ll have a blank canvas and be ready to create what you want for your new year and step into it.  Create your list and then turn each item into SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and tangible), values-based goals with a specific plan.  You might even want to create a vision board with images and phrases of things that remind you of what you’re creating.  Seeing your vision board every day truly provides support and motivation for you, especially if you are a visual person.  Pick up your brush and put it to your canvas.

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