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Part 2:

To round out the list of things that you can begin to do right now to gain control over your workload, try implementing these habits:

Work on the tasks that are important but not urgent- Usually people find themselves working on those things that are urgent but not important. Things like non productive meetings, interruptions and the mail. What we really want to be able to focus on are the things that are not urgent, but important. Those are the things that involve prevention, planning, seizing opportunities and recreation. Knowing that 80% of our desired results come from 20% of high leverage activities, we can see that the greatest payoff would come from working on those things that are important but not urgent. By doing so, you position yourself to spend less time handling crises; working smarter, not harder.

Break larger tasks down into smaller pieces so that the larger task is easy to accomplish. Look at it as though you are eating a meal. You eat a meal one bite at a time. Break the larger task down into components or bites and take each one of those on individually. When you finish one of the components, celebrate your accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but do it. It will help to fuel you along and get the other pieces of the larger task done.

There are a number of things that you can do right now in order to get control of your workload and start working smarter not harder.  Here are a few of things for starters:

Don’t over commit-Know what you are capable of handling. Before you commit to something, make sure you have the time to dedicate to it. Saying “no” never really hurt anyone

Prioritize your tasks– Knowing the importance of a task is important. Assign a level of priority to every task on your list, and then place it in your calendar accordingly. Not assigning a priority can cost you precious time or cause you to add extra hours at some point to get something done.

Know your prime time-We all have a period of time during the day where we are at our best and we each should know when that time is for us. Your prime time is key to getting things done and will greatly assist you in managing your work load and keeping extra hours off of your agenda.

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